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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Pitting and the Vision

   When I step back and take notice of the bigger picture, in regards to the covert targeting of the USA, I have been realizing that citizens of the USA are being pitted against their own government, and that government officials are being pitted against its citizens. Aside from the obvious perpetrators who publicly stir things up, are mind control technologies aiding this process? I believe they are on a HUGE scale.
   But perhaps we will learn to listen to our hearts more closely. . .and let go of the manipulations and embrace each other so that this holocaust can start coming to an end.
   I recently had a vision of government officials delivering a heart touching public speech, which set the nation into a shedding of healing tears - a speech that exposed the technologies that are being used on ALL of us, and requested a uniting of hearts in the process of overcoming them. . .instead of lawsuits. It was awesome. I pray for this. Will you pray for it also?

As for me: I've been being tortured with laser weapons shot into my head through the past two nights.I got all sorts of internet interference while trying to post this statement.