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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Save Her - Don't Let Darkness Enslave Her:

Save Her - Don't Let Darkness Enslave Her

She rose from the ashes of a great nation
To preserve Freedoms torn by foreign relations.
A startling contradiction that is being repaired
For broken native tribes left in despair.
Through her sorted struggles she also deserves
To keep foundations mended and dignity preserved.
Dare we let her fall into a dark covert abyss?
Dare we not stand tall for the Liberty we miss?
Dare we raise a flag beyond just half a mast
Before we've fully banished the spells being cast?
Dare we not save her - not let infiltration enslave her?
Her constitution bleeds. Our Love is what she needs.
Lets sing a song of Love - citizens holding hands,
With our original government, until we understand
And Freedom rings away microwave commands.

God Help America