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Friday, February 28, 2014

Another Disaster Imposed Upon a "Heart Bud" Advertiser!

   This morning, I learned that another Heart Bud advertiser’s shop was broken into. This Portsmouth business had supported the 2008 printing of “Sharon’s Bud” as well as the fourth printing of the Heart Bud. And he had recently expressed that he may support a future printing.
  Is this why his shop was hit? I believe it most likely is, because disasters have happened to too many of my advertisers for it to be accurately called a “coincidence.”

I feel so sad for him and his family, this morning, because I know too well what this can do to people. Far worse than the monetary loss, in this sort of crime, is the feeling of being violated and robbed of a sense of security and safety. This is the part that keeps on hurting.

  For me, this validates my recent decision to focus more on getting donations for printings, instead of advertisers, although these crimes can only be stopped if I continue until people realize that its not all just “coincidences.” Its been so indescribably difficult to continue my work, through obtaining advertisers, while knowing that some of them may be hurt for supporting me.
   Though most of my advertisers seem to only experience the usual rumors and mind control stuff, which makes my work extremely difficult, it appears that my largest supporters are being hit hard. So far one has had water pipes burst above his computer shop, one was held up at knife point, one had a sudden death and sudden unexplainable physical inflictions that lead to two surgeries. And I have not checked with the others out of fear of bring more targeting to them. The Heart Bud is still in need of miracles, in order to continue reaching out to the Heart of humanity.

   Please help pray for these crimes to be stopped and for freedom from covert harassment and electronic tortures to also be restored.

Please print and pass out these two papers:

Please also send whatever financial help you can. . .

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057
Thank you