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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Positively "Negative"

I may stand alone, but I'm OK. Please hear what I say.
As I fight to survive being almost constantly abused by either microwave weapons or organized stalking groups, many people seem to think that I should just pretend its not happening and carry on with my life as if it is not being sabotaged and destroyed. If I say that I am not feeling well or am upset or hurt or write about it. . .it is viewed as me being "negative." This has been happening for a long time. And it blows my mind.
This warped view point is so widespread that it seems like the world has been brainwashed into thinking that its "negative" for victims of abuse to speak up and try to get help, "negative" to expose crimes against humanity with the hope for them to stop, "negative" to feel sad - "negative" to feel hurt while being abused, "negative" to cry/grieve/heal...etc., which helps to perpetuate these horrible crimes. If the public can be convinced that victims who talk about or expose these crimes are just being "negative," the abuse freely continues and the victims are the ones who become bad guys.

The TRUTH is that its positive to talk about it and write about it, because it lets it out and offers a chance for the abuse to stop through being exposed. Its negative to not talk about it. Its positive to be REAL and feel what ever we feel, especially when we are being hurt by something. Its the negative behaviors, which are inflicting the pain, that need to be stopped. Its negative to think that a person who is being tortured with microwaves should just shut up and be happy and carry on as if nothing horrible is happening. . .so that the crimes can freely continue. Its positive to shine a Light into these dark closets, because this is what will chase the dark away.
Humanity needs to regain a positive perspective
And realize that exposing abuse is what stops it.

A woman who is being severely battered by an abusive husband is encouraged to speak out - to tell people about it - to NOT HIDE IT and let it be known so that others can help her and protect her...etc. This is the normal view throughout humanities history. The plight of Targeted Individuals is far worse than a battered wife. We cannot escape the abuse no matter where we go. We can not confront our abusers. We have no place to go and report it and get help. We have no one to talk to about it, because nobody believes us. Nobody even seems to care. We have no way out of the indescribable hell that we are forced to live in. . .and the only positive thing we can do is speak out - talk about it. . .and express our feelings until something is done to stop the abuse so that all of humanity can hope to regain its freedom from this holocaustal
microwave targeting. 


Last night I was tortured to the point of severe pain in my head. And it appeared that those who target me had, once again, tried to give me a heart attack with some sort of laser weapon. My heart started beating abnormally and I got pain underneath my upper left arm. It let up a bit after I started crying, but I was hit so hard that it took me most of the morning to recover, although I still have some pain in the back right side of my head. (There also continues to be a strong push to sabotage income and then try to force me to have myself misdiagnosed - labled as "mentally ill" just to get an income.) 
    The types of tortures I experienced last night happen to me a lot, and they were happening long before I started writing about them. My speaking up is not what is causing it. The physical and emotional pain that I am forced to endure, through the past few decades is indescribable and I am NOT happy and can not pretend to be. I am being hurt - physically hurt almost every day and there is no place for me to turn to for help! I am not being allowed to live a normal life and this bothers me. It also hurts me to know that many other people have been, or are still being, hurt in similar ways. I can not let this go until its over - until its exposed and the media and government starts doing their jobs with exposing the Truths and protecting us from this horrible abuse. What I need is the opposite of what I am being shoved towards. I need to cry more. I need to more fully feel this and let it out, because it hurt so much for so long now. But this can not fully happen until its over - until the abuse is exposed and stopped. I feel angry that this is continuing for so long and is destroying so many lives. I feel deeply hurt. I feel sad for all of us. And I need to be real.

There are wise people who say that its wrong to judge - that, when it comes to feelings, there is no such thing as "negative" or "positive" - that it just is what it is. I tend to agree with this philosophy. But for the sake of helping the labelers to understand I use them here. So again, its best to just be real and best to not negatively judge anyone for being real. Please understand.