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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Justified Anger - Rachael Orbin

[Update; This post had been interfered with and the videos were no longer functional. The most informative of the two I had posted, appears to have been removed. - The one where she wore a hat for the video) But Rachael Orbin's first video can be found on the new address below.
   Later; It appears that both videos are gone and Racheal may be also! Another TI vanishing without a trace of existing? 

 The following two videos seem to be a REAL account of what it feels like to be targeted. Its a hell that most people can not even imagine. Some may look down upon her "attitude," but its TOTALLY justified and she makes a lot of GOOD points. We are often degraded and called, "bitter" but the truth is that we are so deeply hurt that we have a right to feel angry. Though I do not like the crudeness of words, I go through rounds this sort of anger also. Sometimes it is instigated by my brain being lasered with electromagnetic frequencies. And sometimes it rises from the indescribable pain and frustration of being targeted - of being hurt and violated and having no place to turn to for help and protection. Allowing my feelings (even my anger) is what keeps me going - its what stops me from curling up in a corner and giving up.

 This material can be rated R - do not watch if under 18 or sensitive to foul language.

Organized Stalking - Rachael Orbin