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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm Back with Previous Posts

I have just regained access to this blog. During my absence I had been posting on www.targetedinamerica.com . This issue suddenly resolved itself, in a sly way, after I had exposed it and refused to give up on blogging.

December 31, 2013 (4pm): Journey of a Targeted Individual

Shards of Ice
by Sharon Rose Poet

In barren winter she stumbles alone
Her destination completely unknown.

No warmth or shelter anywhere in sight.
Her days as empty as darkest nights.

Losing time - a month, a year, a week?
Each moan freezing tears upon her cheek.

So torn - each stitch in mended seams
That cold seeps in to skin uncleaned.

Shards of ice in wind gusts lash
Now stabbing deep each previous gash.

Exhausted limbs begin to freeze
Often dropping her to skinned knees.

Each step a pain she must endure.
Her troubled mind left too unsure.

No longer searching for nothing there
No one allowed to reach her or care.

Her strength a mask trying to bare
Now shattering in empty air.

How long will she last in such a land?
And who could try to understand?

Her heart cries. Her soul screams.
But Light still shines in broken dreams.

Sunday, December 29, 2013: Counting Sheep Prevents my Sleep:

I was pretty heavily microwaved yesterday. My temp dropped to around 97 and I felt a bit loopy. I had a difficult time getting to sleep so I decided to start counting sheep and it went something like this. . .

The first little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 2nd little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 3rd... 4th... 5th... 6th... 7th... OOPS! That one got microwaved! 7th... 8th... DAMN! That one got shot with a laser weapon and now has brain damage! 8th... 9th... 10th... Oh my! That one got micro chipped and mind controlled and is trying to jump backwards!

10th little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 11th... HMMM! That one is cross eyed and doesn't hear me at first, because there is a psychotronic weapon trying to read its mind. 11th little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 12th... 13th... 14th... Well! Looks like that one is not going to make it past the swarms of gang stalkers.

14th... 15th... WHAT THE HECK! That one is just standing there shaking. Its afraid to jump into the air because it was brainwashed into thinking it was abducted by aliens the last time it was kidnapped and mutilated in a mad scientist's lab. 15th... 16th... Oh no! That one just got its life force energy sucked out and put into a glass cylinder for future scientific experimentations. Poor thing.

16th little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 17th... 18th... 19th... WHAT! That one is just standing there with its arms crossed - refusing to jump, because it knows that there is a group of sadists waiting on the other side and sharpening their knives for a lamb chop dinner. 19th little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 20th... 20th... 20th... That one is still sleeping and doesn't even know its turn it up. Its been being microwaved and experimented on for four decades and now has lupus and is too tired to want to do much of anything.

21st... Awe! That one fell because its crying so hard about what is happening to the other sheep. 21st little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 22nd... The 23rd and 24th had been standing up for the other sheep and try jumping at the same time. NO WAY! One is suddenly grabbed by the police and hoof cuffed due to being framed for an uncommitted crime. The other one trips over crap that the media is slinging around to discredit it so that no one will believe it or help the other sheep.

The 25th sheep makes it over the holocaust, but is crying and praying while digging graves for the ones who never made it...etc.

Needless to say I did not get much sleep. But I laughed until I cried as each crazy scenario painted itself into my imagination. Sometimes laughing is as good of a release as crying is. Words can not describe how much my heart hurts for us. Its too much to bear while being tortured/targeted. I ache in ways that I've never before experienced. And sometimes I feel like I am literally going crazy. Please God, let this be over soon. . .really soon.

Friday, December 27, 2013: Living Under the Threat of Brain Damage (revised on the 28th)
Those who target me have repeatedly terrorized me and manipulated things in ways that make my situation look like a "cry wolf" scenario, so that no one will believe or help me when the final blows come. This is apparently a common targeting tactic that is done while isolating a victim from all possible sources of genuine help. They have had me isolated for some time now and my fight to survive has been grueling to say the least. I am begging you to push past the walls of doubt and give us the trust we deserve. We are being hurt in ways that are indescribable!

There appears to be an intentional aim to mutilate people's brains in ways that prevent spiritual/personal growth. . .with the remote utilization of advanced technologies. At this point in time we have no defense against what is being done to us! It has been shown to me that I am under the threat of being inflicted with brain damage or possibly a coma. So please know why. . .if my brain is suddenly damaged in any way. If I am perceiving my insights correctly, there is a "mad scientist" part of this targeting, which experiments on human beings in ways that are literally unbelievable! Some of this would be worse than a physical death!

The remote technological targeting is a SERIOUS crisis that is in deep need of IMMEDIATE attention! Victims are in desperate need of protection. Please help us.

I am still being denied access to my original blog. Dealing with multiple levels of targeting and sabotaging of almost all that I try to do is making continuation of the Heart Bud difficult to say the lease, but I am doing the best I can.

PLEASE help expose and stop criminal use of radio wave technologies!?!

P.S. It appears that my phone may be being tampered with in ways that prevents me from getting some phone calls. I have noticed that the spelling of key words or names in my blog or sites are sometimes altered to prevent search engines from finding me. Dates on folders in my computer are still being tampered with. It appears that I was recently lured to an apartment under the guise of help to be hit with chemicals/bacteria and cruelty that forced me to leave on Christmas day. I'm still recovering. There are those who have judged me for not "practicing what I preach" - for not completely quitting smoking and focusing on healing while I'm being terrorized. Perhaps one day they will understand that the trauma has to end BEFORE healing starts. Its all I can do to just survive this right now.

It appears that my car was heavily microwaved on Dec 23rd, damaging the alternator...etc. I was lucky to have it fixed. God's angels have stepped in to help me so much that it sometimes leaves me in awe. There is much to be appreciative of and thankful for in the mist of this hell.

Saturday, December 14, 2013 (5:30 pm): Christmas Reality Poem (Revised Dec 15, 2013)

An Extra Candle
by Sharon Rose Poet
Lets Light an extra candle
On this sad Christmas day
For all the tortured people
Who'll be hit with microwaves.

Wishing you all a Meaningful Christmas - one that is filled with the kind of Love that Christ came to teach us. And while you are there in your Heart, would you send a prayer for heavily targeted individuals, because we are hurting and its difficult to be happy or "merry" about much of anything. I plan to Light that candle for all of humanity - for a quick and peaceful end to this crisis.

Jesus was born for us and lived to teach us.
Lets celebrate His birth, His life, His Love.
Sunday - 12/15/2013: Those who target me seem to be playing God and continue to try to force me to stop writing and trust that they are superior and are just trying to "help" me...etc. I got defiant this morning and was again shot in the back with a laser weapon while walking in a store. Am in a lot of pain.

Negative Messages: I was swarmed in a cafe this morning and given a message that was similar to many other recent ones; Lately I am getting a lot of messages from those who target me - messages that are trying to convince me that doing my writings is doing "the wrong job" or that I am "trying to be something I am not" or similar false judgments that are designed to make me give up on my life's work and do what THEY prefer for me to do.
   In my heart I KNOW that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing and nothing can change that. The targeting is preventing me from doing a good job with it, but its the targeting that needs to be stopped, instead of my work. Even if they succeed with discrediting and/or destroying me, the Truth remains the same - that I am following my heart and am doing what I am meant to be doing with my life.

   In a nut shell: They have been sabotaging my work and targeting me so heavily with microwaves that I am physically ill most of the time. . .and then are trying to convince me that if I were "doing the right job" I would "shine." I believe that these people are the group that I had been forewarned of in my dreams - the group that is planning slander campaigns and other types of attacks against me. In one of my dreams it was shown as them "wanting my face" and are sharpening their knives to take it off." (This is, of course, symbolic.) And now appears to be the dawn of the time frame that my dreams warned of. This group of people are trying to make me give up on the Heart Bud. And if I don't they may use more forceful methods. (They have also been trying to abduct me under the pretense of "helping" me. So lets see what happens next. PLEASE watch this and be my witness.
   I hope they pull their focus inward and heal their own Hearts until they learn that it is not up to them to make such choices for other people's lives, and that uninvited advise and other types of unwelcome technological and surveillance intrusions, are dysfunctional and often harmful/criminal.

Message for those who are STILL trying to destroy my work and I: PLEASE find your Hearts. I am doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing with MY life and it appears that YOU are being called to find the Heart to stop interfering and find YOUR OWN higher purpose instead of trying to destroy and/or steal mine.

P.S. Looks like they are succeeding with destroying my car, as I sell advertising for another printing if the Heart Bud! They also sabotage other jobs I get, (There have been dozens!) because they know I will use the money to print my writings. There is no healthy direction for me to go in! I am in desperate need of financial help now! Please help me.

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

The "Right" things to do are often the most difficult.

Friday, December 13, 2013: Plugging Along

   My work is still being sabotaged! As I again aim to sell advertising for the fourth printing of the Heart Bud I am being hit hard with microwaves and what appears to be another death threat.

It also appears that those who target me are trying to discredit me in various ways. I am still living in my car, which is not running well! There appears to be continued attempts to frame me or set me up to be shoved into a prison, unsafe homeless shelter or institution. The last threat said, "You were born in NH and will die in NH."

I'm scared and worn down, but am plugging along.

Issues with original blog:

   My blog, on www.sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com, has been compromised! At first, in the Firefox browser, the menu which linked to the blog through the top of my email page stopped existing. I then found a way to get to it through the "Products" link on the Profile page. When that also disappeared, I found that the menu still existed in the Internet Explorer browser. But then that recently stopped functioning also. Logging directly into the face of my blog is not safe due to their creating a false front for it.
They have told me that it will be wiped out after remaining unused for a period of time and they are preventing me from using it. The only drawback to blogging this way is that the program I use for this site has no spell check. My resources and programs are VERY limited right now. . .and I am a terrible speller! So please excuse my "creative spelling." :-)