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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hold the Discrediting and Distracting Semantics Please

There are those who, when reading the last two issues of the Heart Bud, may aim to pick apart the ways I have worded certain little things, instead of focusing on the REAL issues. Targeted Individuals, like myself, are struggling to bring public awareness to this crisis, WHILE BEING TARGETED! Our wording may not always be perfect. Our writings are sometimes interfered with by those who target us and infiltrate our computers. We will make our own mistakes. And we are doing the best we can under indescribably difficult circumstances. Please let your Hearts understand. . .for all our sakes. I am making improvements to this last issue of the Heart Bud. . .

  Here is a revised copy of the fourth Heart Bud printing:
(This paper may undergo more improvements)