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Sunday, January 5, 2014

For the Heart of Humanity

From my heart to yours:

 I wrote the following lyrics many years ago. Sometimes it surprises me how much intuition weaves through my writings. Its like there was a place in my heart that knew we were imprisoned, although my mind hadn't a clue.

One Tear
by Sharon Rose Poet

Blind folded were my eyes when they dared not see.
Silent was this voice deep inside of me,
The little one who cries, "Oh, please set me free!"
As she mends her wings, preparing for flight,
Anxious for stars to shine in this longest night.
As each feather is put in its place,
Lonely tears of sadness gather upon her face.
My job is to embrace her, count and feel her tears
And listen to the Wisdom she hasn't shared in years.
One tear for each Truth not seen as real,
And for every person who forgot how to feel.
One tear for everyone who yearns to be set free,
But searches with the mind for what only the heart can see.
One tear for each voice that dared not sing out loud
And for every angel who can't stand tall and proud.
One for those who pretend, but have not healed at all
And for each of the deaf who will not hear this call.
One tear for every Wisdom humanity has denied,
And for each tear that has been left un-cried.
One for each shadow that did not turn to the Light,
And every broken wing that's not prepared for flight.
And one tear for each person who chooses not to see
This child inside the Hearts of all who came to be.