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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Embracing Sadness

(Revised 1-19-2014)
     I'm now living under the threat of forced medication or institutionalized if I cry while I am being tortured with microwave weapons and hurtful gang stalking games that were performed under the guise of "help" while constantly building up hope just to shatter it over and over again. The regular psychological harassment and degradations continue also. The last "street theater" thing demonstrated a girl sitting in a chair to cry and someone rushing up to her saying, "Are you on medication?" This happened shortly after I'd cried myself to sleep in the back seat of my car. 
    There have been several recent times (at least 6) when police interrupted my grieving process by pulling up to me (sometimes blaring lights into my face) and asking things like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and "If you need to talk to someone you can go to the emergency room." Not that I cry much. Due to what I've been through I actually need to do a lot more grieving, but there appears to be a push to prevent me from crying/healing/feeling. And this feels like it is being instigated by the criminals who are targeting me and using law enforcement in their pursuit. (Perhaps most of the officers are not aware of following the orders of criminals who hold me under surveillance?)
    Sadly this sort of suffocation of our Hearts is also happening to those who are not being heavily targeted. There have been damaging messages filtering through humanity in the past couple decades - messages that say its not OK to feel or cry or grieve, although (or perhaps because) the process of crying/grieving is what prevents our Hearts from becoming too blocked to care. My noticing this is what inspired the book I wrote in 1999. Ironically BOTH the pharmaceuticals AND the technologies, that are being imposed upon humanity, block our process of feeling and healing - inner growth. I do not believe that this is a coincidence.<


"Crying is like giving the Heart a shower
To wash away accumulated dirt."

Please read my "Embracing Sadness" book

The original manuscript of this book was entitled "Embracing Feelings" and was destroyed in a suspicious fire that raged through my home in 2001. Now, more than ever, I'd like to encourage people to read it, feel it and allow our hearts to open up to deeper levels of care for ourselves and the rest of humanity. 

P.S. I'm still living in a car that is not functioning very well. In the past few years, the targeting has been so difficult for me to handle, that I have returned to my old nicotine addiction, which goes against my past writings. I sometimes feel like a hypocrite, but know I'm not. I'm not fully suppressed. I still feel my heart and I still cry. Deeper levels of healing can not be done while being tortured. The trauma has to end before real healing can begin. And I pray for this lethal targeting of myself and the rest of humanity to soon be exposed and ended for all our sakes.