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Monday, January 20, 2014

Alterations to My Writings

   There still appears to be manipulations to alter and erase key parts of my writings, as well as preventing key people from viewing them at strategic times. The targeting has me in a prison that is surrounded by infiltrated manipulations as well as technological torture and gang stalking harassment through too many years. I probably do not notice most of the alterations. But I have just noticed that the following types of statements (put together) have been consistently either erased or altered in both of the last Heart Bud printings as well as on the web and in my computers. 
   "Around the year 2000 I shared a prophetic dream, which showed criminal contamination of the Concord, NH public water supply. By May of 2001, most of my pets were dead or missing, my daughters and I were surrounded by chains of unusual deaths and/or chaos. . .and my home and writings were suddenly destroyed in a suspicious fire.
    According to experts the mind control parts of Microwave Weapons are most successful on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants. ( I have witnessed the Truth in this.) In 2008, news reports stated that these sorts of drugs were being found in around 24 public water supplies in the USA."

   I pray for these manipulations to soon end. Surly they are being done by those who do not want the targeting to be validated or exposed. . .and possibly also those who are resentfully trying to prevent me from getting the "credit" they have accused me of wanting. I hope they find their Hearts and realize that this is not about getting credit or recognition. ITS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT. THERE IS MORE TO IT THAN THEY KNOW AND MANY LIVES ARE AT RISK.

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