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Monday, October 28, 2013

Again. . .Armageddon is Preventable!!!

My previous posts entitled "Armageddon is Preventable" appear to have been deleted. So here is a remake:

I feel to the core of my heart and soul that the past dreams I'd shared (the ones that were sabotaged through heavily targeting me with mind control technologies and possibly drugs) were about MAN MADE disasters, which will be orchestrated with weather modification technologies and lasor weapons. . .and ARE PREVENTABLE if groups of people (including media and government officials) quickly unite into a public stand against criminal use of weather modification and other radio wave technologies.

(My dreams showed the North East being hit hard with massive floods and possibly an earthquake.)

   It appears that there is a plan to surround these holocaustal disasters with spiritual deceptions. . .leading us to believe that they will be acts of God, which are predicted my "Prophets"...etc. I feel that this is NOT so. I feel that the REAL God is reaching into our Hearts in efforts to help us find the courage to stand up and prevent criminal use of said technologies before it is too late.

Please help prevent the unimaginable disasters and deceptions that may continue to happen if we do not quickly expose and stop criminal use of microwave technologies, which include weather modification and laser weapon technologies that can be used to instigate tidal waves, earth quakes and volcanoes as well as devastating storms. Such events are NOT be acts of God - they are criminal assaults on a defensless population