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Friday, July 26, 2013

? Is It "Too Late" ?

 This morning a stalker said, "...Its too late." Sadly it is for many.


In my heart I still feel that it is NOT too late for the rest of humanity to stand up and end this holocaust.

COURAGE is what is needed for targeted families and groups of people to fully face this and make public stands to help restore the Freedom and Liberty that the USA (and the rest of humanity) has inconspicuously lost. Please find it.

The Heart Bud is still aspiring to fly worldwide. The fourth printing hopes to grow and include new information. Please help support it: www.theheartbud.com

As for me: My fight for my life, safety and freedom continues although my future looks grimmer than before. There appears to be another heavy push, since I produced this issue of The Heart Bud, to inconspicuously harm me or frame me for a crime...etc. I am still being attacked/tortured with various types of microwave/psychotronic and laser weapons...etc. I've been financially destroyed. . .and aims to get FBI help or do my work are still being blocked and/or sabotaged.
   Due to criminal slanderings and manipulations most people appear to not believe the severity of my situation. But it is True and I am in desperate need of substantial levels of financial help as quickly as possible. This is not to just make money - it is to save my life and continue my work for all of us.

Please let your Heart help me.

You can send money orders or cash if you do not want to 
run the risk of getting targeted for helping me.

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

PS. According to what I am hearing and experiencing, my computer, phone, emails and websites may still be  interfered with . . .my writings altered...etc.  Please be aware.