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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Heart Bud is Yearning to Reach More of Humanity

The fourth printing of the Heart Bud will contain new and important information about the technological targeting of humanity. Please support it.

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The severe targeting is taking a bit of a respite since it brought me to my knees a few days back. (Its like a roller coaster ride on an unstable track!) I'm using this window of time to work on the fourth issue of the Heart Bud and a book of this blog.
  There continues to be a lot of interference with my writings on the web. My www.targeted11.blogspot.com is not always coming up on search engines and there had been an effort to hide the date of my first posting on it. My sites appear to have suddenly been moved WAY down on search engines and the back up blog page on www.targetedinamerica.com has been cut off, preventing full view of it...etc. Just before this was done I was getting around 400 hits per day on the "Targeted in America" site and around 100 per day on this blog. They appear to be somehow blocking me from the public, at this point.
   This appears to be a regular pattern with those of us who aim to expose the FULL Truths - we get shoved behind the ones that the operators of this holocaust and rulers of the internet want the public to see. REMEMBER THIS!
    Its a steady battle and full time job to even just attempt to keep up with the interference on the web. And I'm not knowledgeable enough in this realm, which is why my writings are ending up in books and papers - things that can not be altered after being printed. (although they have altered dates on files in my computer. . .and have altered my writings just before they went to print. . .and I have not always caught the changes!) All I can do is the best I can. I'm still all I have. And I believe that Truth always wins. . .in the end. 

I'm still living in a car, which is not running well, and am in deep need of substantial amounts of financial help, for my own survival and safety, as well as to help with the production of the Heart Bud. Due to being so heavily targeted I can not live with anyone or go to shelters. Monetary help is the kind of help I need - at least enough for a small functional, roadworthy RV,  fuel and herbs for my health... Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


My writings are still sometimes being altered!
Please listen to your Heart above all else.