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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Core of My Life's Work Plans to Continue

My plan is to continue producing the Heart Bud and other types of writings. I am just backing off from making personal blog posts in this forum, due to it being accessed and altered and it all becoming too overwhelming to keep up with and be accurate with at this point in time. Right now, producing the Heart Bud is about all I can handle while living in my car and being heavily targeted and dealing with resulting health issues. Words can not express how difficult all this is. But I still pray for the miracles that will sponsor  the Heart Bud and help me so that my life's work can continue.

The Heart Bud is aspiring to fly worldwide. The fourth printing hopes to grow and include new information. Please support it: www.theheartbud.com

I need monetary help more than ever
Please help me

Sharon Rose Poet
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