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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

? "IP Address Conflict" and "Pictures" ?

(Revised 10-1-2014 - plate #s removed...)
Sometimes its a full time job trying to stay a step ahead of the criminals who AGAIN seem to be trying to set me up for some sort of crime. You would not believe what I have gone through with this. Lately I am wondering if I should just ignore my intuition and walk right into one of their traps just to get it over with. It would be easier if I had some honest law enforcement on my tail to catch them in the acts. I'd gladly walk into a hundred traps, in order to help prosecute these satanic criminals. But anyway.

The last few times I went to a certain public Library I get a box that constantly pops up on my computer screen that says something like, "IP Address Conflict in Windows...". . .as if there is now another computer there that has my IP address! I had a strange feeling about going there today ( could feel that something was about to happen) and so I went anyway. . .hoping to figure it out, before I remembered the "IP address" pop up window during previous visits. I put on my Forest Gump persona and asked the library employees about it and one of them behaved strangely and my feeling to NOT go on the web there strengthened. . .and so I did some other writing and left. FYI: I got a heavy blast of microwaves directly after I asked about the "IP address conflict. . ." thing.

Possible connections. . .?

The husband of a library employee had approached me a few days ago and seemed educated about the holocaust we are going through. . .although curiously COMPLETELY undisturbed by it and was OBVIOUSLY amused by my presence there...etc.

In the past few months I've gotten emails from picture sites on the web. . .asking me to confirm accounts that I'd never heard of or opened. (I did not even open the emails) Is there a connection though? This and a couple other things lead me to wonder if the criminals who target me are trying to do something with illegal pictures on the internet.

In 2006, one of the puppets, whom I had THOUGHT was a friend had responded to my telling her about my being drugged and raped, with "They probably did it to get pictures of you." No consoling empathy or kind words! Just added to my distress with the pictures idea. But I quickly wiped it out of my mind, because anyone posting pics of me would be basically admitting to the crimes against me.

A couple days ago a puppet followed me into a parking lot and made a point of pretending to be an ordinary person who just wanted to talk. In the conversation he REPEATEDLY said, "I don't like bad people who post those pictures on the web." (This sort of cryptic threat/warning of what is about to happen is typical of the satanic types of puppets)

I've gotten a lot of hits on my blog from porn and pharmaceutical companies. Most of them appear to be from Russia - generating the same count on both referring site stats and location stats) One time I clicked on one of these links and this is how I found out it was a porn site.  I couldn't help but wonder. . .WHY ON EARTH would my blog be getting high levels of traffic from a porn site????!!!! And I really do not want to know. . .I just know there is some shady stuff going on with the satanic part of the targeting, which would also be the ones who'd be into things like porn.

It appears that something weird is happening or may be yet to happen with "pictures on the web." Are these things connected? Should I be worried?

Sometimes intuition seems to just make things seem worse. But sometimes it saves us from the worst. I hope this is a save. . .and I have learned where to NOT go. Its kind of a bummer, because that library had a nice big conference room that was more quiet then any other library. But if my instincts were right. . .I will be lucky if I got away without some sort of sick manipulation happening from what would look like MY IP address.

When I step out of my feelings of disgust about what has been done to me, and think of them displaying me in a porn type of way, I almost have to laugh. EVERYONE who knows me knows I am not into that sort of thing. At this point in my life, I am like a fat nun. I do not want a relationship and I would not look very good in any picture. . .nude or not. Relationship is OUT of the question for me. Even if the targeting were to stop, I feel like I need the rest of my life to heal and NOT have to deal with taking care of anyone else. I'm all I can handle.

PM: I had a little run in with two puppets who foolishly displayed signals - one pointing out my car to the other, as I got out of my car and entered a garage/store. He obviously did not notice my swinging around to go back out of the store, directly after entering. (too much to describe here.) The truck had pulled over to the side and I got hit with microwaves as I came out of the store in the end of it all. This was under security cameras, but it still does not seem to matter, because the managers can be bought off and the criminal behaviors under cameras are not usually obvious enough to count. . .and nobody seems to care, even of something could be done about it.
   The other day a store keeper noticed a puppet pull up to wait behind my car at a gas pump, although ALL the other pumps were available. "That's weird" he said. "He's a stalker" I said. And he looked at me like I was nuts, even though he was witnessing the intimidation tactic right before his own eyes. (This was under security cameras also) This is an example of how these mild incidents do not appear as criminal behaviors to onlookers, but when you are the victim of even just these small sorts of harassment every day for years at a time...its a different story. Its an indescribable hell. . .even if it were not coupled with threats, electronic harassment, destruction of private property and sabotaging of jobs...etc.

And those of you who have been readying this blog - watching my suffering, as a source of entertainment are SERIOUSLY sick. . .both mentally and in the Heart. I hope you find your Hearts.