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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Pattern Revealed. . .and the Heart Bud

The fourth printing of the Heart Bud will contain new and important information about the lethal targeting of humanity. Please support it.

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I'm still living in a car, which is not running well, and am in deep need of substantial amounts of financial help, for my own survival and safety, as well as the production of the Heart Bud. Due to being so heavily targeted I can not live with anyone or go to shelters. Monetary help is the kind of help I need - at least enough for a small functional, roadworthy RV,  fuel and herbs for my health...for a while, technologies for radio wave detection and protection, to hire law enforcement help...etc. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
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 My writings are still sometimes being altered and this blog and my web pages interfered with! Please listen to your Heart above all else.

Most of the "TIs" who had sent regular emails...etc., suddenly started acting differently and/or have completely disappeared since I started aiming to publicly expose those whom I feel sure are operatives in the sadistic targeting. Coincidence? Now I feel more sure of who is who in the TI circles. 
   Another pattern in the targeting: The perpetrators who zoom in on primary Targeted Individuals will often pretend to also be TIs and will offer help (even send bits of money) - anything to gain trust so they can regularly fill our ears with negative messages or lure us to unsafe locations or push us into situations that will be more harmful to us. As soon as they realize they can not lure us into a more destructive situation they suddenly act out and slam us - making it look like our choice to close a door to them. 
   MANY times they have also zoomed in and tried to get me to IMMEDIATELY go to meet them or one of their associates. . .and then slandered or degraded me when I didn't. They seem to be instructed to not give their victims time to think about their directives - to push for an immediate response and then slam them or make them feel guilty or "paranoid"  when they don't have immediate success. Either way. . .negative blows are delivered. They have tried these patterns on me so much that its getting foolish for them to even continue trying. FYI: If you record conversations and later listen to them you will begin seeing the patterns and that they all mechanically aim toward the same goal. (microwave hits vamped up directly after I posted this!)

   In the past few days I was being hit hard on every level, and steady microwaves into my brain today! Is it a coincidence that this is happening around the time when my family is gathering to bury my step mother's remains? Did those who target us get the desired outcome? Probably. Could it have gone in another direction? Probably not. 
     I have been almost completely separate from my family of origin since the early 1990s. Unless the targeting and their drive against me completely stops, and a chance for healing begins, it will have to remain that way. I have repeatedly excused their behaviors through blaming it on the mind control targeting, but I still feel hurt and betrayed that they have not allowed this to happen. I  sometimes feel like a fool for still caring and worrying about them, but I'm glad I still do.