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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Again. . .Please Stand Up

I am praying for ALL aware media, FBI, CIA and law enforcement officials to quickly stand up all at once and start bringing an end to this holocaust. The secrecy and silence around it, as well as our fear of being targeted, is what enables it. Thus far a small handful of people have stood up alone and gotten either jailed, slandered, inconspicuously murdered or framed for uncommitted crimes. This is a pattern that can not continue without becoming TOO obvious. These people got hit hard because they/we stood alone. I believe that we need ALL of those who are aware to stand up all at the same time - right now. PLEASE - I beg you. . .for the sake of all of humanity, including your own loved ones. . .


Thousands of lives (mine included) are hanging on the edges of cliffs and are in desperate need of your help.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013: An Indescribable Hell:
I had previously posted the below statements in June 22, (as some of you surely noticed) and then erased them out of concern of the targeting getting vamped up even more than it already had been. But I am learning that staying public is what helps me. In this past week the organized stalking groups took advantage of my plight and my repeated prayers to God to send help. All sorts of crazy things happened including them pretending to be wanting me to follow them to safety...etc. Due to my desperation and the state of fear and confusion I was in I had followed on a many occasions just in case it really was help, but it wasn't. It was just more cruel games at a time when it tore at my heart in ways that I can not describe. IF there TRULY was someone trying to help me these criminals surely knew it and were racing right along side of them while mimicking it all. (This is partly why I feel that it is best to go public immediately) The manipulations and games these criminals engage in are as heartless, cruel and sadistic as can be.

Another Serious Attempt on My Life

June 15, 2013: 10am: I parked in a Portsmouth church parking lot to pull the last few hundred copies of the last printing of the Heart Bud from my trunk in preparation for distribution. While doing this I was hit with something that caused unusual pains in my back, abdomen, hips and head.

Around 5:20pm, after a few hours of passing out papers, I pulled into a nature park and suddenly experienced what felt like a heart attack. The circumstances around this event lead me to believe that I was shot with some sort of laser weapon. The heart attack lasted for more than a few minutes and the pain was so severe that I could hardly breath. Periodical chest and arm pain, as well as a strange cold feeling, continued into the next day before gradually disappearing. I spent about 23 hours in a hospital. (There is much more to this that I may share later)

This is not nearly the first time that those who target me tried to give me a heart attack, but it was by far the worst. 

June 14, 2013: Another job and Home Sabotaged: I excitedly headed for Vermont where I had just agreed to clean and paint a rental property in exchange for living in it while I worked on it. (This would have been about one month) A great deal for this couple. But I felt OK with doing a months work in exchange for sleeping in a construction site through that time, because I owed them and was in desperate need of a place to do a fast and brew a few herbal remedies for my health problems. BUT I had not been there for more than 30 minutes before one of them fumed into the driveway saying, "I just got a phone call and we can't do this...." And that was the end of that.

A Reluctant Return
I am being hit so hard since I let go of public posting on this blog that it may be best for me to push on with it so that people are aware of what is happening to me.