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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Deadly Rule

The Heart Bud Reaches for the Heart of Humanity While Exposing Mind Control Technologies and the Plight of Primary Targeted Individuals. Please let your heart read and share it: http://www.theheartbud.com/PrintedHB3.pdf 

  The past week has been pure hell! Between being hit with almost constant heavy microwaves, herds of gang stalkers, and possibly being drugged just before unusual anger welling up, I was trying to deal with pains from family issues that were also created by the targeting...etc. (My deep apologies to ALL family members. You are also victims who are caught up in this hell. . .and I do realize that. I just wish you did too. . .for all our sakes.)
   I am sorry if I have offended anyone with my directness and my listing names. I have second guessed myself - wondered if I should or should not actually expose names, because even those who are AWARE perpetrators may have first been victims. 
   Though my heart sometimes feels for them also,  what I keep realizing is the deadly rule, which swirls around most forms of severe abuse. That deadly rule usually goes something like this: "I am going to hurt you and keep on hurting you and of you say anything about it or tell anyone I will hurt you worst or hurt your loved ones..." And the lethal microwave targeting of Primary Targeted Individuals is surrounded by and perpetuated by this deadly rule. It will only stop when enough of those who are involved, are fully exposed and stopped from continuing such abusive behaviors. Its the silence and the disbelief that aids its continuation.
   Seriously, invading and damaging people's brains with remote mind control technologies, destroying lives and dreams and the process of personal growth, as well as torturing people with remote microwave weapons. . .and expecting them to "just shut up and take it" is just too horribly wrong. . .especially while the criminal hands are holding weather modification and mind control technologies that can wipe out whole towns and severely damage all of humanity as well as the Earth's atmosphere. 


P.S. I am being tortured with microwaves again today.

5-26-2013: This morning delivered severe microwave torture - severe pain, nausea and steady high pitched ring sound. Recent threats have been more direct and more intense also. (The last threat was an angry, "You little snitch! You'd better watch your back" and was delivered late this afternoon.) Since I started producing the Heart Bud with such determination, I knew I'd probably be stopped. I believe that the timing of Pauline's death was a follow through on direct threats that said, "She is now on the hit list." I believe there were all sorts of manipulations surrounding both her death and my daughter giving birth, in order to further alienate me from all family members, which was not difficult, since I was already completely separate from them for years now. These manipulations appear to have been a success. . .perhaps through putting them in states of trauma, in order to further brainwash them and through my openness on this blog. 
   I believe that something MAY happen to me now that those who target me have succeeded with completely isolating me. . .possibly even from the hearts of past loved ones. (Such is the case with Primary Targeted Individuals) I pray with all my heart that whatever it is will help prove the lethal targeting of witnesses to the technologies that are being used to harm humanity. In my heart I find it consoling to realize that every new thing that is done to TIs merely becomes more proof for all of humanity to use in efforts to end this atrocity.
    Whether recent threats are to terrorize me, or to warn me of what will indeed happen, will be shown in time. Am praying for that miracle that I've needed for far too long now. Though I am holding onto Faith and aiming to let go of worry by putting this in God's hands. . .the truth is that I am scared and hurt and my health continues to fade. I can not carry on like this for much longer.

5-27-13: Last night I was followed and screamed at by a raging puppet. I did not pay attention to most of what he said. All I heard was, "You f----- Bitch! Your gonna...." This morning was difficult. No point in giving many details. Most of you probably do not believe me anyway. . .and too few can even care anymore. 
   I know that listing the names I put into the previous post may cost me my life,  but I am already being slowly killed anyway, and threats and killings keep happening anyway. . .so why not do what I can to help others before I am finished off? My life has already been mostly destroyed. I was waiting for FBI help before exposing too much, but its been nearly two years since I began alerting FBI and there is still no help in sight. 
   Yesterday's VERY direct threats alone would be cause for most people to be able get law enforcement help. But there is no point in my even trying YET ANOTHER Police Department, because they will not understand the scope of this and I do not live in that town and well.... now that the targeting has already torn away most of what I had owned, most people seem to think I am not worth believing or helping. Sadly, too much of the world seems to think that only those who have money are worth anything. This is a discouraging reality that I have had to face time and time again since 2005. 
   I am going to keep adding to the list of criminals, whom I know, who've been targeting my daughters and I. . .and if it costs me my life. . .well. . .so be it. I am ready for this to end. . .one way or the other. Either they will follow through with killing me or honest law enforcement will finally step in. (The FBI DOES know of this blog and IS aware of this situation and HAVE had some of these names for a long time now.) 

I pray that other victims of the criminals I am listing find this information and begin to realize what has been happening to them, so they can pick up where I leave off. . .and help bring an end to these crimes.

I am in deep need of substantial amounts of financial help, for my own survival and safety right now. Due to being so heavily targeted I can not live with anyone. Monetary help is what I need - at least enough for an RV, protective technologies and fuel. Please help me.

Sharon Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057