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Sunday, May 19, 2013


   More puzzle pieces are clicking together. To explain the previous posting of the "Stargate Hell" poem. It appears that the "Stargate" program was some sort of take off from the MKULTRA program, and appears to have been performing mind control in ways that aimed to enhance psychic ability in naturally intuitive people. 
    This could CLEARLY explain why I had intuited the name "Stargate" in 2006 and what may have happened to me in 1986 during the second surgery on my spine, although I had thought it was due to what appeared to be a "near death experience."
    My experiences with the change in my levels of sensitivity after this surgery have been documented in many of my writings since then.
    It appears that the enhancement of my intuitive side backfired on them when I started picking up on what they were doing to humanity. . .and they have manipulated things to try to make me look crazy and make my family declare me as "mentally ill" ever since!" 

A few of articles that explain the masked surface of Stargate, which I believe was a take off from the hidden depths of MKULTRA: