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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Stargate Hell

Stargate Hell
by Sharon R. Poet

I wrote a poem in 2006, first entitled "Stargate Crip."
A curious name. . .I did not know from where it came
Although have lived it every day -
The pain of being the prey
Of ignorance that can not discern
The difference
Between a thing and a human being -
Between feeling and physical seeing.
I - the specimen
Fight for freedom I can not win
Inside a prison of radio waves and microchips
That quiver inside my brain and lips.
Cast aside by disbelief -
No help, no freedom, no relief.
Surrounded by foe masked as friend
Who can not discern lives being spent.
Ignorance judges circles
Beneath microwaved eyes
And sees nothing
Beyond criminal lies.
I reach for Light.

The mask?: http://www.fas.org/irp/program/collect/stargate.htm

FYI: I am being more heavily tortured and followed since delivering my paper to employees at the State House in Concord, NH. My computers and programs are being infiltrated again. And someone told me that the web can be manipulated in ways that can cause people to view my sight differently from what it really is. Listen to your HEART above all else.