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Monday, May 20, 2013

Please Help Protect Little Babies from Sadistic Microwave Targeting

[UPDATE: I have softened this post up a bit. I know that a lot of people care to help. The ones who do just either can't or don't know what is happening. During times when I am being too traumatized, or have been drugged, it is difficult for me to bypass the negative mind control. I am actually more functional and am not prone to anger when my brain is not being lasered and I am not being tortured. Please excuse me.]

 Prior to even knowing of my daughter’s pregnancy I’d had what now appears to be prophetic
dreams that show my grandson being targeted. One of the dreams showed him ending up with some sort of deformity in his abdominal or hip area. Will this actually happen? Are the sadists who target us so sick that they’d harm a little new born child? We need help and protection from the targeting.

   I am praying harder than ever for God to provide me with enough money to at least buy a good microwave detector and help this baby to not be harmed by the criminals who have used
my family as lab-rats for their technologies since the 1970s. . .but even if I had the money and
the technologies, how can I help protect him if his parents continue assuming that I am just
mentally ill and that none of this is really happening? My hands feel tied! My heart is hurting
unbearably. . .for my grandson. Please help protect him. Please.