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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Leaving Doors Open in my Heart. . .

  Update; This post appears to have been altered since I posted it. Part of it appeared to have been plugged in from an earlier testimony.  I have not had the chance to research this, but I have erased all but the important and most accurate statements and edited them a little bit.
   During the time of this post I was being heavily targeted and was extremely concerned about my youngest daughter  being technologically tortured before, during and after she gave birth to her son. . .and that her son would also be targeted. I have posted a statement about this post on the link below.

Friday, November 4, 2016 Love for my Daughters


 The doors in my heart remain open for
my daughters, not matter what. I love them.

I am realizing that a lot of what is happening to me may also be about distracting me from her, because she is being covertly targeted more than I had wanted to realize, since around 1999 and especially since 2006. I believe that I had been brainwashed into forgetting some of the things she has gone through.

The core of the targeting of my children and I appears to be done by a satanic occult that has
access to surveillance and microwave technologies.

And if any of you think this can not be happening in our world. . .you have may have been brainwashed. There truly are satanic occults. . .and they truly do covertly target people in the most deceitful and evil ways. . .and those who are being destroyed need the right kinds of help from family members and honest, law enforcement NOW!  Instead of assuming it is not happening to us. . .I dare you to prove it. Tests for radiation, microchips, cell structure damage, brain damage...etc., CAN be run by honest law enforcement and medical professionals. Is anyone out there who has a heart that can help in the ways that are needed?

3+- pm. It appears that I was just drugged again! A water faucet was left on at the Bedford, NH
graveyard near the library and after I turned it off I am feeling weird. Dry mouth, cold feeling -
not feeling right at all. Am fighting it. It may be from microwaves - am not sure. It feels different
from microwaves, though. Later: There had also been a couple of puppets hovering near my
car when I’d gone to shut the water off. . .so something may have been sprayed into my car
also. I recovered after about an hour. . .but had nearly gone unconscious. It took a lot of
strength and praying to fight it.

 The doors in my heart remain open for
my daughters, not matter what. I love them.