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Friday, May 24, 2013

"Enjoy today. Its later than you think"

"Enjoy today. Its later than you think" was a message given to me by what appeared to be a puppet today.

   I've been blocked from the internet through most of today. Things have definitely gotten heated since I passed the last heart bud paper out to employees at the NH State House. There seems to be another big push, like in 2011, to isolate me, terrorize me, silence me, drug me, make me get into an accident...etc. I am concerned that they may again be trying to find a way to have me locked up. . .and that this may be what today's message was about. If this happens please help me out of whatever they set up. I am a decent honest person who has never done anything to harm anyone and I am not a danger to myself or anyone else. 
   Today is a lot better than the past few weeks. But this morning, after thinking and even saying out loud, "I wonder if its too late for any of us to be saved and protected..." the above message was delivered to me by a man in a shop I delivered papers to. . . and, if it is indeed from those who target me, it sounds like they are about to unleash something onto me. What form this will take. . .I am not sure of and am trying to not think about it too much, because I do understand that it may be just another part of the terrorizing. 
   However, I am concerned because their pattern has been to stir up something against me in my family or acquaintances when I suddenly have a day or so with no electronics aimed at me. And my family is sure to be stirring. . .my sisters in particular may be sharpening their claws now that they know my daughters and I are completely separate. My daughters are probably hurting. . .although they seem completely brainwashed at this point.
   Whether something does or does not happen: since those who target me want me to think that something drastic is about to happen to me it leads me to want to expose a few more things. . .that could help other people. . .before it is too late for me to do so:
   As I realize the Stargate project and the remote technological experiments in the area of intuition, I am remembering more of the operatives who had infiltrated my life in the early 1990s. One man in particular, who had put himself out as a "shaman" who could do REMOTE VIEWING and enter people's dreams and homes after he had done energy work on them...etc. I am now believing that the whole scam was being done with microwave weapons - or in these circles they may be better known as Psychotronic Weapons. This man worked at the Department of Education and had often had his friend/accomplice rope me and other women into their "spiritual" circles.
   Another one was affiliated with a satanic occult and had bragged to me in 2003, that he had just pretended to be the "healer" he was at a yoga center. He had lured me to a place in 2006, where I was heavily targeted and nearly lost my life...etc.
    There are chains of targeted women and at least one death that surrounds the "spiritual" practices of these two men. My experiences and conversations with them leads me to believe that they are both high level perpetrators who use psychotronic weapons to target people. The chains of criminals who have infiltrated my life since my divorce from my husband are too long to list here. But these are two of the primary ones who are most apt to be continuing to harm others, although they may have gone into hiding or are "laying low" since I gave their names to the FBI. I pray that other victims of these men realize what had happened to them. Many may still be targeted and surveilled and mind controlled. . .without even realizing it.

I am in deep need of substantial amounts of financial help, for my own survival and safety right now. Due to being so heavily targeted I can not live with anyone. Monetary help is what I need - at least enough for an RV, protective technologies and fuel. Please help me.

Sharon Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057