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Thursday, May 30, 2013

During this Holocaust We Should Only Fully Trust Those Whom We Personally Know to be Worthy of Our Trust

Intro to the Fourth Printing of the  Heart Bud

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I do not have a clue as to how I am going to accomplish this, with my deteriorating situation, but feel that I must. The third printing was able to happen. . .and Faith should deliver the same this time. Please feel free to print and share this introduction to the fourth printing. Its basically the same as the third issue, but a couple important articles will be added to it just before going to press.

   My blog has been backed up and printed several times over again through the process of creating it. . .and it has been brought to my attention that others are copying and exposing what I write as if it is their own ideas or the results of their own research. I have also noticed some of this and have been fine with it - ANYTHING to help the public know about these atrocities ASAP.
    BUT like I said in the Personal Journal Intro, the danger of these people not giving credit where credit is due. . .is in the public blindly following those who are not as genuine or as honest or as insightful as is being portrayed. 

In this situation it is imperative that we listen to the depths of our own Hearts above all else - that we blindly follow and put FULL Trust in ABSOLUTELY NOBODY that we do not already PERSONALLY know to be FULLY trustworthy.

My health continues to fade. I'm still living in a car, which is not running well, and am in deep need of substantial amounts of financial help, for my own survival and safety, as well as to help with the production of the Heart Bud. Due to being so heavily targeted I can not live with anyone or go to shelters. Monetary help is the kind of help I need - at least enough for a small functional, roadworthy RV,  fuel and herbs for my health... Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
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My writings are still sometimes being altered! Please listen to your Heart above all else.
5/30/13: I just had a sudden drastic decline in hits on this blog. Is it being blocked from the public?