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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Drugged Again?

It appears that I may have just been drugged again! A water faucet was left on at a graveyard and after I turned it off I began feeling weird. This was next to where I often park.Coincidence? Not sure. Mouth suddenly got extremely dry, tingling in lips, cold feeling in heart... very light headed. Am fighting it. Wish an honest FBI agent would go and check it. Or is that too much to hope for at this point? Probably. FYI: There had been a couple of puppets hovering near my car when I shut off the water. . .so something may have been sprayed into my car. I can not be sure exactly how I got hit.

About an hour later I am feeling a bit better. Was it microwaves? Not sure, but I don't think so, because I have not felt those since early this morning. It felt more like some sort of drug that I got a only small dose of, because I did not fully grip the faucet.

 I must be touching on some deep truths here. Sometimes I'm not sure. . .until I see the reaction to what I write. When I go along with the crowd. . .the targeting lets up a bit. When I follow only my instincts and share what I am finding. . .I get severe microwave attacks and gang stalking swarms.

 I am now realizing that some of the attacks are at times when something is happening to. . .or being done to a family member. I got hit really hard just before my step mother's death and also as Julia struggled with a late birth and was hospitalized for a few days before an induced labor...etc.

I think I need to let go of worrying about my daughters, because there is nothing I can do to help them. It is difficult to know that they are also targeted and that I can not be there for them, but I guess it is time for me to put them in God's hands and pray for the best, because I need to try to take better care of myself right now and they are so mind controlled that they add to my pain more than I have wanted to admit. It appears that they are used to hurt me when I am close to them and this is sure to be hurting them as well. I have lost them and it hurts like hell to facing this yet another time.

Guess its time to return to preparing for the fourth printing of the Heart Bud and perhaps write that book.

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