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Thursday, May 30, 2013

"After Turning up the Thermostats"

 Update 2016; This post has been erased by those who target me. Its location may have been moved too. I have not yet been able to retrieve it. It contained a couple of dreams I had in 2004 or 2005 - dreams that forewarned of a disaster happening "after turning up the thermostats," which may be about the "global warming" that is probably being done with microwave weapons that could perform armageddon. This post had also contained the dream I had about a darkness moving in after the geese or "with the geese", which may be about good parts of the UN being used for the enslavement with protection technological targeting that is really an enslavement and/or the taking over of America with Agenda 21. I do not want to blame the UN. I feel that there is good there. But there seems to be a pattern of the bad using the unaware good to open doors for it to later move in and take control. And the dangers in this are immense. The same pattern seems to exist in many other arenas and situations as well. I hope those doors are closed and the enslavement is stopped.
I feel that armageddon can be prevented through preventing criminal use of all sorts of microwave weapons. Please help stop criminal use of all ground and spaced based laser and microwave weapons.

P.S. The original location, of the above mentioned post, may have been changed as well. These sorts of things appear to be happening to my blog. Why? I am not sure.  

Prophetic Dreams Can Help Prevent Disasters.
Please let them