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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Third Issue of the Heart Bud Has Been Printed!

5,000 copies of the third full issue of the Heart Bud has been printed. I felt a need to rush to print due to how heavily I was being targeted. This prevented it from being all that it could, but the fourth issue is itching to spread it wings a little higher.

 (Third printing of the Heart Bud)

 If you send a stamped manilla envelope to the address below I will send you a printed copy, until supplies last.

There appears to have been no targetings or complications on the days of printing. (surprising) Distribution is mostly done. I'm hurting though. The whole process took my income tax check and I am left with barely enough for distribution. I need financial help more than ever. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you

 As I headed for the door of the first store I delivered the Heart Bud to, I somehow tripped and fell hard against concrete steps and a pole that drove into my shoulder. I'm a bit banged up and scraped up, but am OK. I was later approached by a man who said he had worked for Rathion or NASA or something like that. He looked at me and said, "We know how to take care of people in this country. . .they have relatives." and in the end of his ramblings he called me, "Scum."  The guy looked like santa clause but sure didn't play the part. . .unless it was all just another COINCIDENCE.
   However most of the people I encounter are not part of the criminal program I'm aiming to expose. Most of them are genuinely good, decent people and not the kind who just pretend to be. There is hope for humanity if the criminal targeting with Microwave Mind Control Technologies is stopped. Please do all that you can to help stop it. Please print and pass out this issue of the Heart Bud or financially support more printings of it. . .and my survival through the process. I didn't make any money from this issue. The whole process took my income tax check and I am left with what may not even be enough to finish distribution. Please help me.

 May 1, 2013: Am getting heavy Microwaves early this morning, though they had been practically non existent in the past couple days.This morning's thoughts on the threats against family members (that I have been receiving since 2006) are. . .if a few more die, in order to help save all of humanity from this atrocity then it is worth it. MANY have already died and many lives are already being destroyed in various ways. These crimes can only grow if they are not exposed and stopped. My heart will not let me be bullied into silence. There is too much at stake. . .far more than just my family that has ALREADY been being targeted anyway. 

 Like I said earlier: If anything disastrous or unusual happens to me, my vehicle, any of my advertisers or supporters, any of my estranged loved ones or even the area I'm working in, during or shortly after this time of my AGAIN trying to produce this third issue of the Heart Bud, please consider it proof of the targeting and let it raise red flags against the lethal microwave targeting of humanity and the bully groups that are also used to stalk, harass and threaten those of us who aim to expose it. There has already been one death in my family, which was surrounded by the usual threats and chaos, since I started this issue of the Heart Bud. Most people will see it as a coincidence.

Later: Distribution has been interesting. It is taking me a lot longer than the norm, because in the past the puppets have stolen the piles of papers I leave at stores...etc. So I now have to pass out just a few to MANY more business owners, which uses up a lot more gas...etc., not to mention the times when I have to veer of course to avoid the puppets and recover from shots from microwave weapons...etc. Over all I figure that this process of putting out the Heart Bud costs me at least four times more, and delivers a LOT less sponsorship, than it would if I were not being constantly harassed and stalked and interfered with from start to finish. This is happening in America. Did I mention that? Surprised?
   But I run into a lot of great people in between the puppets who are now hanging around outside of stores that they know I'm heading for, sometimes even following me into a store and hanging around me. . .as if TRYING to get me to hand them one of my publications. Looks like the beginnings of a set up to try to get me in trouble for "soliciting" in places that have signs that say "no soliciting." Some of the store owners of course are involved and have made it obvious to me which ones they are. Am making a list and am thankful that the criminals are a severe minority and are some of the more wealthy ones. One of them tried degrading me for passing out the paper, blaming his opinion on his boss. They obviously do not know me and the fact that snobbish degrading behaviors make me feel sorry for them instead of feeling ashamed of me. Because the sign outside this financial management business said something about showing people the path "to wealth," I replied with, "well then would you please tell your boss that a crazy woman came in here today and said that the path to TRUE wealth is through our Hearts?" The humbled look on their faces was rewarding and they both held a Heart Bud in their hands when I walked out. I hope they find their Hearts.
   I got a hug from an appreciative person. I got cheers from several. Two complimented the "courage" I do not have. Someone said, "It is something that needs to be said." Over all I am finding more Heart than what the puppets and higher level perpetrators are dishing out, although I got hit hard with microwaves several times today. I got so sick that I had to take a two hour lunch break. . .but made up for it by working until 7pm. I wish I could get paid for the hours I've put into this. But I guess the reward is in  knowing that my efforts may help someone, if not all of humanity. . .someday. . .maybe.