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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Heart Bud is Still Aiming for Production

Future issues of the Heart Bud will also include articles about the microwave weapons and mind control technologies that humanity is being harmed by. As I resurrect my work I'm being heavily targeted, while still living in my car, so I deeply need your financial support for both myself and the Heart Bud. Please help us - please help us to help humanity.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Yesterday the window on my car appears to have been pried open and had remained off track for a while afterwards. (This was either at the Northwood or Northfield Library (the one east of Lee) or most likely between 6pm and 6:40pm at the Lee, NH Planet Fitness parking lot.) Last night I suddenly began feeling unusually ill. Lungs burning, strange frigid feeling inside chest, stomach bloating, very weak. But I had promised myself that I'd continue aiming to put out this third issue of the Heart Bud no matter what those who target us do to me or others. . .and so I am doing all I can to gather the strength to continue. I still do this with the prayer that anything that happens helps to prove the lethal microwave targetings of my family and I as well as countless others worldwide. My fantasy has been that at least one decent, honest FBI agent is watching and aiming to expose this and protect us from these crimes. But it sadly appears that this is not the case.
  It appears that I've been inflicted with some sort of chemical or unusual bacteria. (This is similar to what happened in 2010) The cold/frigid feeling began in the center of my chest, as if I had suddenly breathed in something, and now its spreading from there. I had no flu or cold symptoms prior to this and there was a obvious invasion through the window of my car just prior to this beginning. There are many other times when I did not know if I'd survive various types of biological and microwave attacks, but did. And this could be another one of those, They are always surrounded by death threats so its difficult to know for sure. (This appears to be part of their game - they terrorize us and we get scared and/or cry out for help so many times that when the final blows come no body is listening or believing or caring. And chaos created around chains of deaths, in order to prevent investigations appears to also be a common pattern. . .like my cousin's death as we were investigating my little brother's death in 2002...and CNN news editor John Dedakas son's death as I told John about the targeting. . .and Jim Baker's death and my home burning down shortly after I had initial dreams revealing it and had written my first book which was destroyed in the fire...and Pauline's sudden decline in health when I first tried telling my family about the microwave targeting and asked for help from my father. . .and then Pauline's death as I aim to produce the Heart Bud publication...etc. I understand that coincidences happen, but there reaches a point where too many lined up in a row need to be perceived differently. 

  I have desperately needed FBI help - help from someone who is familiar with satanic occult and organized crime tactics. This has been a hell of a fight - unimaginable to most people, I'm sure, which is why most of you assume that I'm just crazy. Unfortunately, you will eventually know the Truth also. Sooner would still be much better than later, but I do not know how to reach you, except through my writings.  I'd prefer to live and keep writing, but if I can't. . .I pray that a knowledgeable someone picks up where I leave off and is able to do a better job than I did with producing a physical news paper, which exposes the Truths about the lethal targeting of humanity with microwave weapons and mind control technologies since at least the mid 1970s.

P.S. My lap top is still being accessed while I am on the internet. So please understand that my writings may be altered. I wish my family had listened to me last year, for their sake as well as mine. People uniting with microwave detection equipment and being witnesses for each other is what could successfully combat this. Many have been telling me that I can not do this alone, but I've tried to get support and help and a group together to produce news papers, but have only gotten either ignored or  the opposite from EVERY one I approached thus far. I guess I'm getting defensive because I am beating up on myself for not doing a good enough job. . .and am reminding myself that it was not my choice to be doing this completely alone. But I'm all I have and am doing the best I can.

7pm: I am feeling better. The pain and convulsing in my lungs has almost completely gone. Perhaps it was just an attempt at terrorizing me. . .not that this is minor. I find myself not being fearful anymore, because I'm not afraid to die. I just would prefer not to go Home before I feel that my life's work is done.

 Please print out my writings