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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reaching for the Heart of Humanity

Please Let Your Heart Help Humanity
Through Supporting the Heart Bud

The Heart Bud is a free publication that's helping humanity through encouraging the support of small businesses; through encouraging natural herbal healing methods; through encouraging the opening of our Hearts to deeper levels of Love for each other...etc. Future issues will also expose the global crisis of microwave mind control technologies, being used since at least the 1970s.

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Poetic Publications
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Mont Vernon, NH 03057
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As I resurrect my work I'm being heavily targeted, while still living in my car and barely surviving, so I deeply need financial help for myself also. Please help me to help humanity.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

   Like I said earlier: If anything disastrous or unusual happens to me, my vehicle, any of my advertisers or supporters, any of my estranged loved ones or even the area I'm working in, during or shortly after this time of my AGAIN trying to produce this third issue of the Heart Bud, please consider it proof of a targeting and let it raise red flags against the lethal microwave targeting of humanity, as well as community bully - stalking and harassment groups that are being used to stalk, harass and threaten those of us who aim to expose it. There has already been one death in my family, which was surrounded by the usual chaos, since I started this issue of the Heart Bud. Most people will see it as a coincidence. I am concerned that the worst may be yet to come. But I hope not. I pray that these evil perpetrators gain the courage to allow a bit of opposition, which will give humanity a fair choice.

FYI: I am realizing that those who target us have been manipulating situations, possibly even since the early 1990s, in order to slander me if I were to begin succeeding with my life's work. The manipulations are becoming countless and the public slanderous discrediting began in 2005. Its up to you - the general public to listen to your HEARTS enough to see the Truths that many are struggling to bring into public awareness. . .while being heavily targeted, slandered and discredited. Please do not let our grueling efforts and our concern for humanity be in vein.

Other Free News Papers:

As New Hampshire "Law Makers" debated on a bill to kill the already imposed ban on Agenda 21, the "Mind Control" threat was raised, as was the threat to our property rights. . .but both were cast aside by disbelief.
And here is a display of the lack of realization that Microwave Mind Control Technologies are indeed being used on humanity and are a devastating reality that is destroying our personal freedom and basic human rights as well as our process of personal and spiritual growth: Dennis Miller on FOX News ridicules the "Mind Control" crisis in a video entitled, "Miller Evaluates Obamas Basketball Skills" - http://video.foxnews.com/v/2275456903001/miller-evaluates-obamas-basketball-skills/