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Monday, April 22, 2013

Difficult Realities to Face

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As I write three new articles for the Heart Bud I'm being hit hard - I am being heavily microwaved and it feels like I suddenly have a painful lump in the back left side of my head. Prior to this, the microwaving had shifted to happening more at night and less during the day. Since I do not know what is going to happen next, I have decided to share these unfinished articles with the hope that they may help humanity sooner. . .rather than later or possibly not at all. Find this and other newly revised articles on www.heartbud.blogspot.com

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The Most Difficult Reality Humanity May Ever Need to Face

This article is not finished but hopes to be soon

    There are all sorts of foolish “conspiracy theories” bouncing around the world. . .and the damaging outcome is that they lead us to disbelieve EVERYTHING that can be perceived as a “conspiracy.”  A similar thing is happening in Hollywood - where existing organized crime techniques and technologies are being depicted in science fiction movies - programming us to believe that they are merely science fiction.

   Now, in order to face a few Truths, which deeply need our attention, we must break through the mental programming and let our common sense realize that there ARE genuine “conspiracies” - that covert organized crime DOES really exist and even thrives due to our lack of awareness. . . and that there Truly are technologies that most of us are not aware of.
   Determining what is True and what is false (or is merely someone's theory) can be close to impossible, with all the misinformation that's intentionally covering up a few important Truths that humanity needs to become aware of. But it can be done.

   When we cast aside other people’s perceptions and projections and listen more closely to the Heart of our own instincts, we can feel  what is or is not True. 

This is what we must now do, because blindly disbelieving the criminal use of things like remote microwave mind control technologies is  enabling lethal crimes against uncountable numbers of individuals, families and even whole communities since before the 1970s. With some of the main stream media foolishly ridiculing “Tin Foil Hat” people, its difficult to be objective, but we must be - for the sake of our safety and personal freedom. . .we must give this subject the benefit of our doubt.

Quote by (the late) Jim Keith: "Brain-computer radio communication has long been considered impossible by the majority of people and has consequently been relegated to science-fiction, but the fact is that the technology had been developed into reality by at least the 1960s, during which time the initial experiments were being performed on unwitting subjects." Find more information on:

  There is scientific proof of Microwave Weapons and their mind control capabilities. . .and there are many valid witnesses to the effects of their criminal use on humanity. However, through the past few decades, these witnesses are being heavily targeted (Hitler Style) with even our own family members being manipulated against us in efforts to publicly discredit/slander us and either label us as “mentally ill” or inconspicuously destroy us in ways that appear like a natural death, accident or suicide. The targeting that is happening to cover up the criminal use of these technologies on most of humanity is as inhumane as inhumane can get.  Find more on www.targetedinamerica.com

What are these technologies and how do they work? I will direct you to a few knowledgeable scientists and researchers who’ve been uncovering a Technological Holocaust that proves how Remote Microwave Mind Control is being performed on humanity (very remotely) through the manipulation of radio waves (microwaves) which appear to utilize technologies like SURA, HAARP, satellites, Gwen Towers and other radio wave transmitters.

   I am a witness to more of this than I want to be. And I have fought to find the Truths about who is doing this to us. Who is part of this crisis that can only be theorized, at this point. But when I listen to my instincts, it feels important for us to know that, though many want to blame the USA government, it appears that countries like Russia, Britain and Germany were perfecting microwave mind control technologies long before the USA government was even aware of them. My first gut feelings were that the core of the targeting is being done by a satanic occult that targets us all.

Quote by Philip Coppens’s published article - Russian Woodpecker - Experiments in Global Mind Control..., "In April 1953, CIA Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University, detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the mind of free men, both individually and collectively. . . Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterized as the battle for men’s minds. “We might call it in its new form brain warfare. . .In the 1970s, some of this “secret war for our mind” was exposed. . ." In 1976 Time Magazine exposed a small part of the microwave targeting, "Last month the U.S. confirmed that for some 15 years the Soviet Union has been beaming microwaves at the hulking nine-story U.S. Embassy..." However, this was has been hushed and has had little, if any, media coverage since then. Find more information this link or by doing a web search for the original article: http://www.philipcoppens.com/woodpecker.html

  Continued criminal use of microwave technologies is covertly harming humanity in many ways. But the mind control part is by far the worst, because it is virtually undetectable to unaware victims and has the disturbing outcome of preventing us from freely living our own lives  - preventing our natural process of growing and evolving into healthy functional human beings. Not to mention the fact that whole countries can be taken over, and our precious freedom lost, through targeted control of the minds of key government officials and law makers. Sadly, too much of this appears to be happening.

What will become of Humankind if not allowed a Free Mind? This a question that deserves and needs serious immediate contemplation. Please start researching this and be aware that web searches on this subject can lead to an intentionally confusing array of misinformation. You will need to listen closely to the Heart of your own instincts.

Never, in the history of humanity has there been a more devastating holocaust or a more crucial time for humanity to rise into a peaceful fight for our freedom and well-being. What is now happening is not natural, not normal, not meant to be and is a criminal assault on an unsuspecting and defenseless populous. This is so outrageously inhumane that the natural response is to slip into shocked denial, overwhelm, or complete disbelief, but there is not time for this type of response. This situation needs our immediate awareness and attention.

What is the remedy?

   We must open and listen to our Hearts above what is being projected into our minds.  Purchasing or building a radio wave detector that do NOT have a filter, which prevents the detection of frequencies used for mind control, is a good ides. Radio wave blockers would come in VERY handy, but I hear they are becoming illegal to obtain and use in many countries. (coincidence?) I feel that we have a right to protect ourselves through creating and using radio wave blockers as long it does not interfere with other people’s right to receive the microwaves if they want to. I feel that this is what we must do as quickly as possible, until our governments can  help and protect us. It appears that water, lead, tin and other substances can help to block or interfere with the low frequencies that are used for mind control. Some hospitals  have something that blocks them. I have witnessed this in one hospital. (coincidence?)

The most dangerous and recent developments in Microwave Mind Control Technologies seem too outrageous for most of us to believe at this point. But PLEASE believe me when I say that this crisis can only get worse VERY quickly, unless masses of people become aware of what is happening and take steps to bring it to an end. All of humanity is Truly in serious danger if these crimes are allowed to continue and grow. I urge you to at least give this the benefit of your understandable doubt. If you think you will not be effected you are sure to be proven wrong. Most of humanity is already being effected.

This article is not finished but hopes to be soon

Resources that you can explore:
Jim Keith Books on Mind Control World Control, the Hidden History....
Jerry E. Smith Books on Haarp Mind control

Aside from the links shown above and below more can be found on the following sites when they are not being interfered with. www.targetedinamerica.com A couple of my back up websites: www.technologicalholocaust.blogspot.com or www.targeted11.blogspot.com or www.sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com

A History of Mind Control - Tim Rifat:

Mind Control by Anna Keeler:

The Silent Massacre by Nicholas Kirkland: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/09/05/25/silent-massacreelectronic-torture-mind-control-america-and-law-enforcement-complic

Plight of Primary Targeted Individuals
A call for compassion, instead of “tin foil hat” jokes.

(This article is not finished and hopes to soon be re-posted)

  Hitler’s Holocaust lurks in the shadows of the present crisis when we let our Hearts take an honest look at what is happening to individuals who are placed on the hit list in a corrupt program that holds victims under constant satellite surveillance, while literally torturing them with remote microwave laser weapons, mind control technologies and organized stalking and harassment groups that deliver almost constant (24/7) psychological harassment and mental abuse.
   Through covert manipulations (including microwave phenomenon, mind control - brainwashing and fabricated phone messages, emails, letters or rumors) the victim’s relationships and businesses or jobs are sabotaged. Family members are turned against them. They are forced into becoming completely isolated from anyone who can help them. The media carelessly ridicules them and calls them the crazy “tin foil hat” people. Law enforcement does nothing to stop the crimes that are being committed against them.
   They are often forced into positions where they have to prove their sanity, instead of investigations and tests being performed to prove the crimes that are being committed. (Needless to say, sanity can not be proven to people who are not aware of the criminal use of Microwave Weapons and organized stalking and harassment groups ) Many healthy victims have been shoved into institutions and declared mentally ill, by their own families or law enforcement agencies. Many have been psychologically mutilated. Many have been inconspicuously murdered in ways that appear to be suicides or natural deaths.
   Words can not begin to describe what is happening. Calling it cruel, evil or sadistic does not seem to help unaware people to understand that this is happening now - that we are in the middle of a holocaust - critical situation that is in desperate need of our awareness. Some victims are struggling to bring public awareness to these crimes while being threatened and tortured. Many continue to cry out for help in a world that does not help. . .although all of humanity will surely suffer, indescribably, if these crimes are allowed to freely continue and grow.

Find more information on www.targetedinamerica.com

Community Bullying 
The Secret Criminal Part of Our Own Societies

  There is a deep need for public awareness of this crime

   (This article is not finished and hopes to soon be re-posted)

   Organized Community Bullying is also referred to as gang stalking, organized stalking, cause stalking, covert harassment programs, predatory stalking, organized crime and Cointelpro. Its a lethal covert program that's designed to inconspicuously destroy literally every aspect of a person's life and then slander them, discredit them, manipulate them into being diagnosed as “mentally ill” or frame them for a crime. Most communities secretly have an organized bully group. . .often under the mask of “community watch” groups, when they are not members of a dark occult.
   Victims of these criminal Bully Groups have been thought to be only famous or political individuals, but this is not the truth. Hitler used occultism Community Bullying tactics against the Jews. Large corporations and some government agencies use them for psychological experimentation, to terrorize whistle blowers, dissidents, witnesses, outspoken journalists, “possible threats”...etc. Dark/Sadistic occult members use them against religious groups and anyone they hate. And the list goes on. . .
   Growing numbers of unaware people are being roped into these criminal or corrupt operations that list innocent people as “possible terrorists,” “pedophiles”...etc., in order to get Community Bully groups to terrorize or destroy them.

If you are involved in a Community Bully Group - organized stalking and harassment group, PLEASE STOP.

Those Who Follow Others Sacrifice Themselves
In Shadows That Don’t Belong To Them

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