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Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 10, 2013 Was a Sad Day for New Hampshire

  As New Hampshire "Law Makers" debated on a bill to kill the already imposed ban on Agenda 21, the "Mind Control" threat was raised, as was the threat to our property rights. . .but both were cast aside by disbelief.
And here is a display of the lack of realization that Microwave Mind Control Technologies are indeed being used on humanity and are a devastating reality that is destroying our personal freedom and basic human rights as well as our process of personal and spiritual growth: Dennis Miller on FOX News ridicules the "Mind Control" crisis in a video entitled, "Miller Evaluates Obamas Basketball Skills" - http://video.foxnews.com/v/2275456903001/miller-evaluates-obamas-basketball-skills/

They must not realize what is happening to us.

P.S.  I hear that the mail of Targeted Individuals is often tampered with. I'd prefer not to find this true. . .although recent mailings appear to be having unusual delays. I have no way fo knowing if I am not receiving all my mail.

FYI: My writings on the web continue to be altered although I keep changing passwords and wiping my computer clean! Again. . .the web is NOT a trustworthy forum. We need to get back to unalterable physical writings and putting pertinent scientific information in libraries.