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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Heart Bud. . .Reaching for the Light

Future issues of the Heart Bud will also include articles about the microwave weapons and mind control technologies that humanity is being harmed by. As I resurrect my work I'm being heavily targeted, while still living in my car and barely surviving, so I deeply need your financial support for both myself and the Heart Bud. Please help us.


Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

  If anything disastrous or unusual happens to me, my vehicle, any of my advertisers or supporters, any of my estranged loved ones or even the area I'm working in, during or shortly after this time of my AGAIN trying to produce this third issue of the Heart Bud, please consider it proof of a targeting and let it raise red flags against the lethal microwave targeting of humanity, as well as community bully - stalking and harassment groups that are being used to target those of us who aim to expose it.

 In case you did not read the bottom of the previous post: Is it a "coincidence" that one of the perpetrators told me a story about a red truck flipping upside down the day before I saw my daughter's FB post about a truck flipping upside down in front of her house? 

In the past week I'd run into a group of men who've been realizing some of what is happening in the USA - that we are quickly losing our freedom...etc. One of them appeared to be being heavily microwaved (with lupus symptoms) since buying large amounts of ammunition. Another one has a tumor in the side of his neck. . .
   I'd hoped that we could form a group to help each other and gather enough evidence to expose these crimes. But today they seem to be throwing up walls. One fearfully said, "I want to keep a low profile. I don't want to be targeted." Another one rushed to get off the phone, but said that he is feeling better since I informed him about the microwaving and advised him to buy a detector...etc.
   I guess it would make sense that the microwaving would back off after they were informed and advised to gather evidence. This is actually good for them. I agree that it would be best for them to just lay low at this point. But as usual I stand alone and am left to the wolves. Guess I should be used to it by now though.

The Light is there for me when I reach for it with my heart.

I'm reaching.

   I just popped in to see one of my past Heart Bud supporters and he appears to now be more heavily targeted. In 2010 it had appeared that he was being targeted in the way of sudden injuries to his shoulders, directly after placing a large ad in the Heart Bud. I let him know about my primary advertisers being targeted. And then he told me that he had just started checking into it when his father suddenly died an unusual and suspicious death. My tears are falling for him this morning.
   Though I know I am not responsible for the evil  targeting, I feel guilty, because I feel that this man's support of the Heart Bud's was what brought this hell into his life. 
   I have pulled back from my work, due to my primary advertisers being targeted. And I recently began launching into getting local business support for another issue, while thinking that "everyone is eventually going to be targeted if these criminals are not caught" and "a few hardships for a few more people may be worth helping to save ALL of humanity from this..." But this morning, after seeing this man I have been wondering if I was wrong.
   I'd gladly be the only sponsor for the Heart Bud if I had the money. But I don't have the money and my jobs keep being sabotaged. . .and what can I do to help us if I can not do my writings? I feel in my heart that I must continue with the Heart Bud. But it is with a heavy heart for those who may be hurt by these criminals. I pray with all my heart that my continuing exposes this crime enough to make it worth while for all of us.

I am reaching with a trembling hand this morning, from this painful darkness that surrounds me, the Heart Bud, and those whom I was close to. . .reaching for the Light to shine on them and give me strength and courage and guidance. . and the hug I need right now.