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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moving Forward with the Heart Bud

  Future issues of the Heart Bud will also include articles about the microwave weapons and mind control technologies that humanity is being harmed by. As I resurrect my work I'm still being heavily targeted, while living in my car and barely surviving, so I deeply need your support for both myself and the production of the Heart Bud. Please help us.


Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


 I've almost fully recovered from the last severe laser attack, although microwaves aimed at my chest continued through most of yesterday. It appeared that someone was accessing my email this morning - as I tried to reply to an email my screen froze up and a duplicate web page suddenly popped up on my computer with my open email on it. Please be aware that my computer and writings are probably still being invaded.

 If anything disastrous or unusual happens to me, my vehicle, any of my advertisers or supporters, any of my loved ones or even the area I'm working in, during or shortly after this time of my AGAIN trying to produce this third issue of the Heart Bud, please consider it another link of proof of a targeting that has already established this pattern. . .and let it raise red flags against the lethal microwave targeting of humanity, as well as community bully - stalking and harassment groups that are being used to target those of us who aim to expose it.