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Monday, February 4, 2013

Free Papers Exposing Global Crisis

I am in deep need of financial help as quickly as possible. I'm still homeless when not in uncomfortable or unsafe situations, due to being heavily targeted. Please realize that this is not a scam. My need is genuine. Please read this and let your heart help me. Thank you. 

Sharon Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


Click here for updated papers;
My writings have been being interfered with! 
Please print them out for safe keeping. Thank you.

   Because I'm a writer, I have aimed to produce a good flyer for distribution. I've been so heavily targeted that its been difficult to do a good job with it. But, perhaps these can help you to inform others or can be an inspiration for you to create a better one. (Sponsorship for printing and distribution of these is still welcome though, because they can be improved upon.) My first news paper on this subject was uploaded into a blog format - www.targetd11.blogspot.com on March 14, 2012. Physical printings of a condensed version began in April 2012, but I ran out of money. . .)

Technological Holocaust - Remote Mind Control

Technological Holocaust: condensed four page version

Public Notice: printed and distributed April 24, 2012