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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Cry for Help

   I am still being heavily targeted. I was suddenly kicked out of the temporary room I'd been in for almost 6 weeks. . .the usual no APPARENT reason, but obviously some sort of manipulation took place. I was surrounded by puppets - (gang stalkers) there and knew it was only a matter of time, because I refused to give them much of a chance to access my room and food...etc. However, they used some sort of device that emitted loud alarm clock types of noises all night long and I was hit pretty hard with microwaves through most of the 6 weeks.
   I'm glad to not be there anymore, but its more than difficult to live in a car that has no heater - a car that I can not afford to fix and inspect this month. There appears to be no good situation for me right now. I'm trying to look on the bright side - I am praying harder than ever for the miracle that I've needed for too long now. 

   My desperation just put donation buttons on www.targetedinamerica.com although I know there will be more negative people saying or thinking that I am "only doing this for money...etc." I feel that those who listen to their Hearts will know the Truth. Please listen to only your HEARTS.

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It appears that someone has again accessed my primary email address and sent emails, because I am getting messages bounced back, which say "undeliverable to certain addresses..." even though I sent no emails. Also someone whom I block/spam keeps getting unblocked!!!

My previous blog post had been altered. Changes to my writings appear to be happening through my own computer as the screen freezes up on me!