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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Technological Holocaust Blog

Please download and share this newly revised 4 page news paper: 

   After I made the previous blog entry about my original "Technological Holocaust" blog - www.targeted11.blogspot.com it was invaded - it's March 15, 2012 date color was changed so that it could not be viewed and this page had been altered and blocked from view. (I do not know if there were other changes.) Why is this being done? Why do the criminals who target me not want people to know about the date of this blog or the "Technological Holocaust" news paper that it grew from? In the past few days there had been a lot of people suddenly claiming web search results of "technologicalholocaust" or "Technological Holocaust," which have since disappeared. Is this part of the psycho games, which those who target me perform? Or could there be a plagiarizing of my title happening? The good part is that I don't need credit for possibly being the first to coin this title, but please know that those who steal it - use it and take credit for it are not honest trustworthy people. 
   I wrote the Technological Holocaust news paper, which was first called "Mutilation Holocaust," in the first two weeks of March, 2012, while living in my car and going through hell - being shot with microwave and laser weapons and surrounded by threatening sadistic gang stalkers....etc., before putting it on the web as the "Technological Holocaust" on March 15, 2012. (Actually, I remember being degraded and told I'd get in trouble for using the word "holocaust" on my blog and I had changed it for a short period time. Was this a manipulation by someone who decided to steal my idea? Time will tell.) The original news paper now seems to be even erased from most of my own personal storage places. This would not be the first time that criminals have aimed to plagiarize my writings or prevent the public from viewing it. BUT still. . .I do not need credit. Just please don't trust those who steal from and target people like me - help bring more honesty, trust and heart back into our world, through not honoring thieves and perpetrators of this Technological Holocaust.

Since 2005, Those who target me/us think they are hurting me by making a best selling book, using ideas and names from my writings and doing the same with one of my songs, which they take full credit for. But I can honestly say that what bothers me most is not losing credit for my own creations. The part of this that bothers me most is the state of our world due to such dishonesty - the way that greedy, plagiarizing thieves, who fool the media, are being followed and honored as they lead humanity into the destructive darkness that we are ALL being hurt by. This is just too wrong. I hope we quickly gain the WISDOM to only follow our own HEARTS.

 Enabling criminal activity, of any kind, does not help those who engage in such behaviors and certainly does not help the rest of us. Its just not good for anyone.