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Monday, January 28, 2013

Love is the Weapon We Need

  As humanity gets slammed with unrestricted remote mind control technologies, and criminal efforts to rip us from our Hearts and families, we are being called to listen to and follow our own Hearts above our minds and all that gets projected into them. 
   During this Technological Holocaust it is critical that we embrace the depths of our own Hearts and work at healing the unresolved issues, which block them. . .so that we can open to deeper levels of Love. We are in deep need of more Love for ourselves, our families, our communities. . .our troubled world, in order to override the damaging effects of being targeted with remote microwave weapons and mind control technologies.

This is the web version of The Personal Journal and "The Heart Bud"- www.heartbud.com.
Due to being so heavily targeted I am not doing the best job with resurrecting 
my old writings, but hopefully this will give you the general idea. 

   I remember writing about our need to heal and save the Heart of humanity - about bringing more Love into our troubled world, in 2005 in "The Person Journal" publications. . .and being targeted so heavily that the original publications may have been completely destroyed by now. I know this sounds strange, but I now understand my old writings more than I did when I wrote them. And I now understand the obsessive drive I had to do all I could to help bring more Love into the Heart of humanity. . .as we approached the most devastating parts of this Technological Holocaust, which humanity is being crushed by. . . without even realizing it. Though I believe that some of those writings came from God. . .for me as much as everyone else, I feel like I had failed with a very important mission - a mission to not only help bring more Love into our world, but to also use the profits from my writings to build healing/recovery centers for people who are in need of healing their Hearts from a painful past or devastating losses and events. . .like this holocaust. At this point I have been hit so hard that I now need the recovery centers that I was not able to create for any of us.

   I'm not a bible thumper. I believe in letting God speak to us through our own Hearts more than through other people or books. But the bible has a lot of good information and it predicted that satin would be tearing families apart and causing horrific levels of disruption in our world...etc., and I feel that this is already being done through the secret use of remote microwave weapons - mind control technologies. . .and that we must embrace our HEARTS and do all that we can to resist the control that is forcing us to block our Hearts and veer away from what we feel, who we are and what we were born to do with our lives. 

   Please believe me on this subject. I speak from the Wisdom of experience here. I am the "Primary Targeted Individual" in a targeted family. . .and the only one who's realized that we are all victims of remote technological mind control and medical experimentation since at least the mid 1970s. But I realized this devastating reality too late. My family has been torn apart by cruel and deceitful technological manipulations - each member still blaming me and me blaming them. . .until we all hurt so much that it has become irreparable. So, from the bottom of my heart I am begging the rest of you to not let this happen to you. Learn from my mistake.
   I believe that my family is one of the long term original experimental cases and that there is hope for the rest of humanity if awareness is quickly acquired and you learn to listen more deeply to your Hearts above your minds. Become aware of the remote technological mind control manipulations and that their perpetrators push family members into taking antidepressants or other mood altering drugs, in order to aid their success. Such drugs have even been found in public drinking water, and can be put into private wells and food, so be careful of what your body consumes. (Fluoride may even be one of these masked drugs) Do some research for the sake of your loved ones and your self.
    We desperately need law enforcement help with this, but because these crimes against humanity have been freely happening and growing since before the 1970s it is appearing that those who should be helping us may already be completely controlled. Help will eventually arise, but until then, we MUST do our part and open our HEARTS. . .so that we can surround ourselves and each other with the levels of Love that can Light a path to protection and freedom from covert technological mind control.

Please Let Love Win

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I made the following video for Primary Targeted Individuals but I think it can apply to the rest of humanity also, because with the damaging microwave mind control being allowed to continue harming whole communities as well as individuals, there are many who feel too alone, too unloved and too abandoned. This is for the Heart of humanity.

I am in deep need of financial help as quickly as possible
I'm still homeless when not in uncomfortable or unsafe situations, due to being heavily targeted. 
 Please realize that this is not a scam. Please read this and let your heart help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057
My struggle to save my writings from those who aim to prevent the rest of you from seeing them continues! But the "Symptoms of Targeting" link on "TargetedinAmerica.com" has been restored and also added to this blog.

P.S. I suddenly have seriously diminished eye sight since the last heavy microwave attack to my head - since January 15th. Also a lot of oozing fluid from my eyes and digestion pains and problems.