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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Cryptic Threat?

The following link is to a 4 page article which focuses primarily on bringing public awareness to the history of remote Mind Control Technologies and their use on us since at least the 1970s. Please print and share it.

   I just got a series of attacking emails, which may contain a threat, and appear to be from my estranged sister although it is a different email address! Those who target me are stirring up all sorts of trouble right now. Its one attack after another. . .with a heavy focus on preventing my writings from being viewed on the web!
Please note that these emails degrade me with words, that I can not write here, and demand that I remove my writings from the web or she will start a blog to make people think I am a liar and am just "mentally ill" and even goes so far as to insinuate that my writings could "kill" my father. . .and asks me if I "want to" "kill dad" by keeping my writings on the web. This is the first attack that is so directly vicious since this same sister slandered me in 2005.
    My answer to these threats: I am not able to make changes to my old writings at this time. And I will NOT wipe my writings off the web, in order to accommodate hate and its drive against me. If this is a cryptic threat, from those who target me, which asks for me to either hide my writings or they will kill my father. . .I will NOT enable such criminal behaviors - I will NOT remove my writings from the web. . .and in my heart I KNOW that I am NOT responsible for what you do.
   Members of my family are not all that is in danger here - ALL OF HUMANITY is in grave danger if we do not spread awareness of the technologies that are being used on us, as quickly as possible. . .and there is no hope for ANY of humanity if we let these criminals continue and sucumb to the threatening. . .or trying to tack a "mentally ill" label on those of us who can attest to what is happening.

 Later; The emails first insinuated that I had just recently written something against my father, which I did NOT do. At first I did not know what she was talking about or where she'd read it, because she just suddenly attacked  - degrading and cursing. . .without explaining. I figured that more of my writings had been altered, (which still may be the case) although she later emailed that the attack was about something in the book I wrote in Feb 2010 - something that had nothing to do with her. . .and was so grossly misperceived that there seems to be more to this. It appears that this WAS from my sister.

   The introduction of  this book, (which I wrote around a year ago) explains that the book had been written under extreme duress - during a winter when I was living in my car, while being heavily gang stalked, and did not know how much longer I would be alive. I also state that, because it was written prior to my realizing that I was also being targeted with remote microwave weapons - mind control technologies. . .I may have misperceived some of my own experiences. In my heart and mind, this along with the fact that I have been publicly warning people that my writings are being altered, makes this attack completely unjustified. 
    I can not effectively defend myself against the projected perceptions of those who are not able to understand my situation or my right to also have my own feelings and perceptions, no matter how right or wrong they may be. I believe that this sister is a victim of mind control who is being used, in order to stir up trouble for me and interfere with my writings. Because of  her doing this at a time when I am also being intensely targeted with other efforts to interfere with my writings, I believe that the criminals who target me have instigated her sudden attacks.

I believe that my sister is a long term victim of remote mind control technologies, and may even be one of those who have been technologically interfering with my writings since 2005. And there seems no hope for this situation, that she instigates in my family, taking a change for the good instead of continuing to make things even worse for me. Does this mean that I have to let go of the minuscule remnants of hope I had for my family of origin to realize what is happening and help me in the ways that I desperately need help right now? It appears so. . .and I can not hold back the tears. I wish she'd just find her heart. I did not realize that I even had any hope left, until it just got shattered. Sometimes I feel sadder for them, because their pain will run much deeper than mine, when they realize that they were used by criminals who aim to destroy me. But right now I am feeling more sad for myself, because, through all these years of hell, and in my deepest hours of need, they have had each other and I have had no body. 

God, please help us all.

FYI: Those who target me have also repeatedly threatened to kill my daughters and have tried to blame me for what they are doing to me - they say that its my fault that they target me - that it would not be happening if I were not writing, although I was being heavily targeted many YEARS before I began figuring it out and writing about it. This is confusing - its like they abuse people and then blame their victims for what THEY do.

PM: Am getting heavy microwaves, blurred vision and a lot of pain in joints. 

P.S.S. 1-25-13: I later let my heart review the book through my poetic publications website - checking to see if it had been altered and trying to look at certain parts of it from my family's perspective. I did not fully read the whole book, and have not compared it to the saved originals, because I do not have access to them at this time. But the parts I did look at do not appear to have been altered.

  When I wrote this book, I was not thinking of any sort of outcome or other people's reactions...etc. I was deeply in my heart and using my pen as a tool to help me face some of the most difficult times in my life as I struggled to understand why I was being targeted by what appeared to be members of some sort of satanic occult. In that process I literally wrote my heart out. This book is my most uncensored heart felt batch of writing. It is also partly fiction,  but my tears still linger between its lines and pages. The honesty I wrote it with makes me look worse than anyone else I mention in it, because I dove into deep levels of exposing and judging myself at a time when I did not know if I'd live through that month and did not know that I was a "Targeted Individual" and the full scope of what that meant - at a time when I could not understand the capabilities of the microwave / psychotropic weapons and organized gang stalking groups that were/are influencing my family members as well as myself. 

The intro to this book, which I wrote early last year, speaks for itself.

As for my sister's threat/demand for me to change parts of it or remove it from the web: I have written over and over again. . .that we must follow our hearts above all else, especially above the darkness that aims to rip us apart. I have failed over and over again to fully follow my own advice - to FULLY follow my own heart. But with this book, I MUST let my heart win. I can not change it or hide it. It is too late for that anyway. I am truly sorry if it offends or hurts anyone. I pray that it will be used as a tool for healing and growing. And I hope that those who read it will find the heart to refrain from any sort of judgment of anyone whom I mention in it.

I made a promise to God that my life's experiences would be a public example of this process of healing and growing. This is what the core of my old writings are about. I know that I have failed in many ways, but I can not completely turn my back on this promise.

As for the controversial experience that involves my father: I can honestly say that the dreams I had trusted, (in 2004) which showed my father being inappropriate when I was a very young child, may have been projected into my mind by the microwave/psychotronic weapons that I believe my whole family has been being targeted with. . .and that his drive to keep me from my own siblings after I started looking into my childhood (since the mid 1990s) may have also been manipulated by outside forces. This is most likely the case and its what I also prefer to believe. However I have not had the free and peaceful time I would need, in order to dig into the deeper Truths and write out the sequel to this book. Someday I hope to be able to, because this is not the only possible discrepancy and I need to clear the air on a lot of things for my own sake as well.

 I understand how parts of this book can upset those who can not understand my healing process at a time when I felt that my life would soon be over. . .or my pain filled drive to understand why I am being targeted and why two of my own family members suddenly began driving against me with painful levels of mental abuse. I can understand that those who do not want to look at their own behaviors may remain enraged, although I wish they'd choose the other way. The Truth is that we are ALL responsible for our own actions and their outcomes. If I write about you in this book, it is most likely because your behaviors touched my heart in a way that hurt me. . .and pretending that the pain is not there or that it didn't happen is not going to make it go away. On the contrary - it merely compounds the problem.

In our judgmental, law suit crazed, spiritually warped world, where justice sometimes seems to serve criminals more than victims. . .people have become afraid to be genuine - afraid to speak out and hold each other accountable for harmful behaviors so that healthy shame can trigger a refrain - afraid to expose and shine a Light into the dark closets that hold us back and prevent healthy growth. . .afraid to feel and let Love heal instead of letting darkness grow. I pray for humanity to start heading in the other direction.

We all make mistakes and its through admitting those mistakes that we heal and grow from them. Humanity has become so used to hiding shameful things that we never have a chance to let healthy levels of shame prevent them from continuing and growing (like a festering mold) throughout humanity. Hiding hurtful behaviors hurts ALL of us and feeds the darkness. Exposing them offers everyone concerned a chance to heal and grow. . .and it helps to prevent the same behaviors in others.

I do not do this lightly. I understand the risk I am running here. I understand that the hatred in those who choose to feed the dark may continue attacking or use this to inflict more pain. I understand that those who target me may instigate any sort of hell they can raise with it. I understand that those who target me, whether it is through my sister or not, may make me suffer even more than I already do. But I hope that it turns into the other direction - I hope it helps us ALL to grow more deeply into our own HEARTS, because without heart. . .the dark wins. . .and that just can not happen.

Sisiter, your attack ripped into my heart and left me feeling so concerned for Dad that I felt a need to post this. I pray that you find your heart enough to stop wanting to create more problems for me, at a time like this. . .especially when you use/hurt dad in order to do it. If you must bring the two paragraphs, (which you ended up saying were what your attack was all about) to his attention, please find the heart to also perceive them correctly and show him the intro so he can understand the TRUTH. Please stop trying to cause trouble. NONE of us need this. Please look in the mirror and heal enough to stop projecting your own behaviors onto me instead of facing what has been happening to you through many decades. And please start honoring your own gifts - the ones you have always had, so that you can stop wanting to posses and destroy mine. Please know that I love you. . .no matter what. I just can not keep my head on your chopping block. Please throw out the chopping block and. . .please follow your heart instead of what controls you.

Dad, I love you. Please believe that I am deeply sorry that we have had to experience all of this. I know it must have been as confusing to you as it has been to me. I wish I could help you to see what has been happening to our family - that we have been being targeted. I have always wished that things had taken a different course. I guess, at this point I can only hope that you eventually forgive me as well as yourself. . .although I feel that this will not happen in my lifetime.  Please always remember that I love you. . .no matter what.

 There is a possibility that this book has been altered by those who target me. Although recent interference has been primarily to html codes and search engine tags on my blogs and web pages, more may still be done. And I can not keep combing through all of my writings. I can't find out who's accessing my websites, because my "stats" keep being disabled (probably from within Go Daddy) so that I can not get any recent information about traffic on my sites. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but there is nothing I can do about it until a miracle delivers enough money for me to protect myself and my writings.

P.S.    My physical health is not well. I am taking herbal supplements and dandelion root, which I bought during my last job, but I'm almost out of them. I feel like my obsessive drive to help us is what is keeping me going right now. I believe that my sister's attacks against me are fueled by mind control technologies, which she is not aware of. . .and that she is just one of the many people whom this is happening to. 
   Victims of mind control are not being allowed to be who they are or to resolve their issues in their own way or to grow and heal...etc. I wish this could be exposed. ALL of humanity is in SERIOUS trouble if this is allowed to continue and grow.