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Friday, December 21, 2012

Please Dig for the FULL Truths Behind Remote Mind Control Technologies. . .And How Long They Have Been in Use

History of Microwave Mind Control Technologies


What will come of humankind 
If not allowed a free mind?

Things I've witnessed have proven to me that remote mind control technologies, and microwave weapons, have been being used on us since AT LEAST 1974.


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Please download and share this revised 4 page paper: http://www.targetedinamerica.com/TH%2012-15-12.pdf
(This paper is outdated, due to my realizing more since I wrote it.)

Will authors like Jerry E. Smith and Jim Keith, remain hidden. . .along with the deeper TRUTHS they began uncovering and publicizing before they both suddenly died? Time will tell.

 I beg researchers to reveal it ALL, because not doing so could hurt you as much as the rest of us. I pray for Main Stream Media Reporters to find the heart to give this situation the full and honest exposure that it desperately needs. . .ASAP. Those who are now exposing it seem to be only showing the surface that has already come out. What about the rest of it? What about humanity's future??? 

Can you feel our tears in your silence?
Can you close in on Truth's growing distance?

Here is a good article on microwave mind control:

(More coming soon)

This situation is too dangerous to not FULLY expose ASAP. Please find the Heart and courage to do so.

P.S. I still believe that the leaders of these technological crimes extend beyond the USA. . . The deceptions and secrecy around it are what make it so lethal. Please help expose the criminal use of remote mind control and microwave weapon technologies.

12-22-12 9am: Was hit hard last night! Laser shots to head. Lot of pain and feel mentally numb this morning. Brain's not functioning normal. Have to even stop and think about what key to punch on the computer to form these words. Fear that I will end up with permanent brain damage if I do not get help soon. The only positive part of last night's remote weapon attacks is that it heated my whole body up so much that I was not cold at all. Warmth has a hefty price on it these days! Thus far, every time I mention Russia being connected to targeting us I get severely tortured. My research and instincts tell me that Russia was far more advanced than the USA, with these lethal technologies, by the 1970s. Time will show the Truths and I hope it is very soon.

The Most Painful Part of being a Primary Targeted Individual

Though the psychological and physical pain of being gang stalked and electronically tortured is indescribably difficult, the deepest pain of all cut into me on that day when my own daughters tried shoving me into an institution. . .destroying my trust in them, my connection with them and our only link to REAL help through things they had witnessed. (My own sisters and father had been also used to help brainwash them since around 2002.  This sort of thing has happened to, and has crushed many of us. How do we get over something like that? I don't  think we can. . .not completely. I understand that my daughters, like the rest of my family of origin, are long term victims of remote mind control technologies, and have been literally brainwashed into forgetting pertinent facts, and into joining the drive against me. . .but it hurts no less. This is a pain I can not describe - a pain that runs too deep for me to deal with on top of everything else.
    I have lost my sense or safety and security, the homes I'd owned, my businesses, my jobs, my trust in humanity...etc., but all of those things put together do not compare to the loss of my children and their trust in me. It just hurts too much. It hurts me and it hurts them. . .and I seem to be carrying the pain for all of us. (they needed to be allowed to keep the mom they could trust) Just please. . .

PLEASE become aware so that you 
NEVER assume that a TI is "just mentally ill."

We need your help - not your condemnation.

Please let your Hearts help us.

I feel so strongly about this, because I have watched literally my whole family be overcome by brainwashings that have convinced them that I am not really being targeted - that I have just suddenly become mentally ill and that they should not help me financially - the only way in which I can be helped at this point. Their condemnation is so severe and so blatant that any onlooker can see that something is wrong - that no decent family would, on their own, leave a loved one to the wolves and refuse to help them, EVEN IF that loved one were truly mentally ill - that this is severe brain washing - it is full fledged evil Hitler style targeting. . .with mind control technologies. And words can not even begin to describe my suffering, my pain. . .my fight to survive this while facing the full scope of this Technological Holocaust atrocity. 

FYI: My family had its fair share of problems, but prior to being heavily targeted, they were decent people, who would follow their Hearts in the face of any sort of emergency. I am completely convinced that the only reason they are not doing this, in this situation, is because they are long term victims of remote mind control technologies and have been completely brainwashed against me and all the Truths that surround this hell I am left to suffer in alone. I cry for them as I cry for me.

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P.S. Dear family members of Primary Targeted Individuals: Please help fight for our freedom, even if you think that exposing the targeting makes you look "bad" or "wrong" or "stupid" for not seeing it sooner...etc. Please understand that you are victims as much as we are, just in a different way - your minds are being invaded while our lives are being destroyed. This is not a matter of right or wrong or who saw it first - this is not an ego/pride competition! Its a matter of life or death - the kind of death that comes with losing our free will and freedom to even think and feel the way we naturally need to, in order to grow and thrive and be all that we were meant to be, in order to let our hearts be here for each other in the ways that they were meant to be. This extends far beyond you and us. . .and into ALL of humanity. Please See.