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Monday, December 24, 2012

Memory of "Hillsborough County Nursing Home" Microwave Targeting in the 1970s

  My blog and website statements have come primarily from my own personal experiences, insights and instincts.  . .and it appears that more proof is required. I can not prove to you, with my words, that I am not "mentally ill", especially since my whole family remains stuck in this assumption/projection. . .in the shadows of no testing and no opportunity to prove what is happening to ALL of us.
   No Targeted Individual (TI) should have to prove their sanity - the opposite is the only ethical and fair thing to do. We should be believed unless proven wrong by HONEST testing for micro chips, for over doses of microwave energy and brain and cell structure damage...etc.
 Even serious criminals are innocent until found guilty!!!

   As for physical evidence, I can not share much more, because I feel that it will put people in danger of being targeted. . .and that the evidence will be destroyed. . .and too much of this has already happened. But I have already told a few people about this one: I witnessed things, in the 1970s, while working as a nursing assistant at the Hillsborough County Nursing Home, which was part of the "County Farm" in Goffstown, NH, at that time. I now believe that the Farm/home residents and workers were victims of the criminal use of remote microwave technologies. My head hurt in strange ways while I worked there. I had not had any problems with head aches prior to working there and they stopped when I left. Also, the residents would go through periods of appearing to be in pain from some unseen source, which baffled many of us.
    This facility housed poor people, who had no families, whom they could turn to, in exchange for working the farm, as well as having a small hospital and a low security prison on the premises. The property still contains and array of underground tunnels and a "Popper's" grave yard. . .where residents were buried in unmarked graves up until just a few years ago.
   I was told that many long term employees have had cancer. But I have not had a chance to check this out. It is difficult for me to do much research due to being held under surveillance and intrusions into my computer and web connections...etc., but here are a few links to prove the history of Remote Microwave Technologies, which exposes it's publicized existence and use, on an unsuspecting people, BEFORE the 1970s.

   I have watched decent people be overtaken by a darkness that defies even spiritual explanations - people who remain completely unaware of this happening to them. I fully believe that they are victims of remote mind control technologies and that this gruesome technological experimentation on unsuspecting individuals and families began in the 1970s.