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Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Lead With Your Heart" Heard by my Tears. . .

   I had a tear-filled morning as I realized that yesterday's decisions must be changed and that I need to find the strength to follow my Heart more completely, although it feels like I need to again leap off a cliff, in order to do it. But I was delivered this song, which brought me to a point of being breathless, while tears once again poured from my aching heart. You will understand when you listen to, "Lead With Your Heart" by the Tenors.

I am in deep need of a miracle - enough financial assistance to provide me with protection and the ability to continue with the HEART of my life's work. Please read this and let your Heart realize how genuine my plea for financial help is.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


My Early morning Tears wrote the following message:

No Comfortable Choice

   I've wallowed in a puddle of indecision for nearly two weeks now. Each time I make up my mind, I realize why I can not go down that road. The choices I've been faced with leave no comfortable direction, due to being targeted. 

   I tried to not write or talk about the "forbidden knowledge" until I get back on my feet and so that I could get back onto my feet. I have tried to forget it for a while. I have tried to "stand down" and I simply can not remain silent, because what I've seen is too hurtful to all of humanity. I've tried. I really have. I've tried to shut my mouth and my heart and I can not do it. A part of me wants to scream, "WE CAN NOT EVEN FREELY LIVE OUR OWN LIVES WHILE CRIMINALS CONTINUE TO TARGET HUMANITY WITH REMOTE MIND CONTROL, MICROWAVE AND WEATHER MODIFICATION TECHNOLOGIES!!! 

  I feel that I have no choice - I have to write and talk about it. . .for those who've already lost their lives and freedom. . .and for those who surely will if these crimes are allowed to continue. I can not silently enable this. I just can't! I can't. . .no mater what.

   This leads me to a choice of where to live. Do I continue living where others may also be harmed by those who target me? Do I return to a job/home, which I can not safely perform, while being physically ill. . .where the truck I live in could be invaded or suddenly lose breaks AGAIN? (The bruises from this last invasion have finally faded, but the pain remains. The brakes were fixed, but concern remains.) 

OR. . .

   Do I return to my old unheated car and see if God helps me to survive single digit weather on top of the targeting, while I continue waiting for the miracle that can provide the safety and protection I need? I feel that I have no choice - I must.

I beg the honest parts of our FBI to finally step in. . .and forgive me for blasting them and accusing them of not fulfilled their obligation to protect humanity. Please help me.

P.S. Lot of tears releasing this morning. Finally fully facing what appears to be another episode of being drugged and raped a few weeks ago - in the truck I drove. Feeling sad that I need to leave people who seem to have been so kind to me, through this time. Feeling sad that this torturous targeting continues to hurt me and so many others.Feeling sad that I have not been able to reach the Hearts of those who could GENUINELY help me/us.


PLEASE read and share contents of this site:

   Please help pray for the Highest Power to save humanity from the darkness that lurks in the shadows of  mind control Technologies. Please pray for the miracle that will deliver us to the safety and protection that too many of us are already desperately needing as criminals are allowed to continue attacking us with secret technologies.