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Monday, December 24, 2012

If You Look With Your HEART You Will See:

What will come of humankind 
If not allowed a free mind?

I believe that criminal use of Remote Mind Control Technologies is the most dangerous thing humanity now faces, because their criminal use now seems to lurk in the shadows of humanity's most serious problems.

If you Look With Your Heart You Will See
Please print out the following information, read it as soon as possible and help pass the word.


If you Look With Your Heart you will See

I'm feeling sad about my situation. But when I step back and see where this is heading. . .my tears fall for all of humanity. I see how the criminal use of remote microwave technologies - the intrusions into our minds and bodies, is preventing our Soul's growth and our Heart's natural healing process, through the destruction of our free will and mental health.
   I have been trying so hard to help us, although I am barely surviving heavy levels of targeting and the homeless plight it has driven me into. Sometimes I feel angry and sorry for myself. . .and I wonder why I still fight to help those who can not care about me or the plight of humanity. But then. . .in my heart I know that, no matter how cruel and uncaring people are to me, its just because they are not being allowed to care or see. (The ultimate "catch 22")

Dr. Duncan's, "Its too late" echoes in the shadow of our faded Hope. . .but its NOT "too late" - not in the grander scheme of things, at least. It appears to be becoming too late for many Primary Targeted Individuals to get full protection and help in our lifetime, but it is NOT too late for the Heart of humanity to be saved from the darkness that aims to suppress it. The Light will win and humanity will have it's freedom again. I know it will. In my heart I know it - no matter what is projected into our minds, the Light will eventually shine away the darkness.
I found out too late to reach my own family.
But its not too late for the Heart of humanity.
Love will reach into our hearts and set us free.
If you look with yours you will See.

P.S. It appears that the heavy microwave attacks (As well as the sudden voids of them) and alterings of my writings, come at strategic times, in order to prevent me from being believed and perhaps to also prevent me from getting help. I feel like people's Hearts keep passing me by due to unnoticed manipulations. But there is nothing I can do. . .except keep asking for help. . .

I'm being heavily targeted and am now living in an unheated vehicle, in a frigid New Hampshire. I'm in deep need of enough financial assistance to provide me with safety, protection through purchasing technologies that can detect and block microchips and microwave energies...etc. Please help me.

PLEASE pray for the targeting to end. . .because you care about me/us enough to not want us to continue suffering. . .even if you think that proving the targeting makes you look "bad" or "wrong." Please "lead with your Hearts."

Please download and share this new 4 page news paper: 
This paper is a bit out dated. I have been learning a lot since I wrote it.

Look With Your Heart You Will See