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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eposure with a Disturbing Result?

Recent emails I received said: "It all came out on the Monday night show this week..." "... Dr. Robert Duncan - Harvard/ MIT grad - former CIA confessed to it being used on Americans all over the country to Jesse Ventura and he - Jesse Ventura said to him, "so it's true innocent people are being abused by this technology."  Duncan replied, "abused is putting it mildly, they are being TORTURED!" I emailed Duncan and just said in subject, "Thank you" he emailed me back and said that means a lot and that he was now seriously ill, vomiting, and in pain.  He said he hoped he did not go the way of Bell but he's not afraid of dying..."

Here is a link to that video

   My hope and my desperation wanted full exposure of our plight to be true, although Jessee's exposures do not fully describe what I've experienced, witnessed. . .and found in my own research. Jerry E. Smith had told Jessee Ventura about mind control capabilities YEARS ago - before he died.  
    More in depth proof of mind control technologies can be found in the books of authors Jerry E. Smith and Jim Keith.) However, I am glad for this little bit of exposure, although Dunkan says that it is "too late" to stop this atrocity. I am glad that more people are beginning to realize that we are not just crazy - that we are in the middle of a SERIOUS Technological Holocaust, which I refuse to believe is too late be stopped. IT MUST BE STOPPED. IT JUST HAS TO BE!  Here is a bit of history on microwave technologies:

 The following link is to a 4 page article which focuses primarily on bringing public awareness to the history of remote Mind Control Technologies and their use on us since at least the 1970s. Please print and share it.

Microwave Technologies by Tim Rifat"

   Tears welled up in my heart when I read that Dr. Duncan is being tortured to the point of being "seriously ill, vomiting, and in pain," because I have been tortured to that point more times than I can now count. The thought of him being tortured, whether it is true or not, bothers me. This  whole targeting situation is just too horribly wrong! Though Duncan should have NEVER taken part in Hitler style mind control and torture programs, not even he deserves to be tortured by them. NOBODY should EVER have to experience any of this hell!!! Nobody! Absolutely nobody.

"A paranoid schizophrenic is someone who has figured out what's going on."
 by Anonymous


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I'm being heavily targeted and am now living in an unheated vehicle, in a frigid New Hampshire. I'm in deep need of enough financial assistance to provide me with safety, protection and the ability to continue my writings - my life's work. Please help me.

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I am being hit hard today! Was it something I wrote or said? I never know. Feels like laser shots into my chest and arms. Lot of ringing and microwaves to my head. Stalking groups are still heavily swarming, although are keeping a bit more distant, since I confronted a Police officer, who appeared to be with the stalkers last night. Lot of fire fighter stalkers swarming me lately. I confronted two of them today as well. (When I confront them - I give them information on criminal gang stalking and my website address and let them know that innocent people are being tortured by this rising crime...) More puzzle pieces clicking together lately. I am more of a witness, since 1974 than I'd previously realized. (Can't share it all here though) Maybe this is why they are hitting me harder? Or maybe its because I wrote, "Check out TARGETEDINAMERICA.COM" across the back of my car.
    I guess if they are going to raise hell, it will happen soon. These criminals are going to get caught. I can feel it. But I can also feel that they are not going to lay down the controls peacefully. The worst may be yet to come. . .before things get better.

P.S. In between the interference I have been working on the new "Poetography" page for my website.

Here is a song I wrote several years ago. . .but added to today:

 Light a Candle

Light a Candle for my brother
Who died one summer day.
Light a Candle for my mother
Who guides and Lights his way.
Light a candle for my daughters,
For the dark that blocked our way.
Light a candle for the future
For the birth of a better day.
Light a candle for my sisters.
Brother and my dad.
Light a candle for the memories
That make us all so sad.
Lets let it out. Lets shed a tear.
Let bring Love into Christmas this year.

I know it is too late to reach the hearts of those whom I wrote it about. But they are in my heart still. . .no matter how they have treated me through this hell I still face alone, because I realize that they are also TIs and live a hell of their own that they have just not yet realized. God, please wrap your Love around us all.

P.S. I pray that, if the good parts of our governments and law enforcement agencies continue to do nothing to stop these crimes,. . .those who have the ability to disable the technologies, that are being used to harm and control humanity, do so asap. I know this is a drastic measure, but its appearing to be the only way that humanity can regain its freedom. MANY of us have done petitions and have reported this to numerous authorities. I have even written to Obama more than a dozen times. . .and I do not even know if he received my letters, which had "A THREAT" written on them, just to get some attention. ;-) I pray with all my heart that the technologies are disabled if their criminal use is not soon stopped.