My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dear Readers,

   I understand that you are reluctant, at this time, to believe that there exists such a thing as remotely used mind control technologies, microwave weapons, laser weapons and weather modification technologies...etc., which are being used to harm us through the past few decades. I understand your position and am accepting it.
   However, I ask that you work at keeping an open Heart in regards to this situation, because its Truth extends beyond our belief systems and into a devastating reality, which increasing numbers of unaware people are being harmed by. . .and we need your prayers even if you do not believe this is happening.
   My efforts to inform the public have been repeatedly blocked by manipulated disbelief and heavy targeting, which has included altering my writings, threats and attempts to harm me - even attempts to frame me for incarceration or institutionalize...etc., with the use of organized stalking and harassment groups as well as microwave technologies. There still appears to be nothing I can do to free myself from the "Hit List" these criminals have me on.
   I can, however, let go of the angry parts of the fight to expose, what no one seems to even want to believe, and do my best to put most of my focus back into the work I was doing before being distracted by heavy targeting. I'm aiming to do this with the hope that the criminals who target me will find enough decency and courage to just allow fair opposition. . .because they can not win through such manipulations - if people are not allowed Free Will and are not allowed to FREELY listen to their Hearts or FREELY CHOOSE the Light over the dark, nothing is gained by the dark forces. . .in the ultimate end of it all. 
   I believe that humanity can NOT be completely oppressed by any dark force, due to the Higher Powers and the laws of the universe. So, I feel that the key for the rest of us is to help bring more Light - more Heart, more Compassion, more Love into our world. . .through healing and opening our own Hearts more deeply and helping others to do the same. This is what the core of my life's work has been about since the early 1990s.

   I feel and fully believe that this is what God/The Highest Power wants us to do - that the unrecognized darkness in our world can also be combatted through bringing more Heart, more Love, more Light into our own Hearts - into our communities. . .into our world. 

   As I aim to continue my life's work, I pray that you will include me in your prayers if you can not support me in any other way. I will need a lot of help. Recovering and protecting myself from further harm, while re-launching my mission, is something I can not do by myself. In fact. . .it appears completely impossible. But. . .  
LOVE, alone,  can heal

  I believe this and am working at holding onto enough Faith and Courage to eventually succeed with doing my part in the process of healing/restoring the Heart of humanity. Although my own heart now feels inadequate, and my resources have been torn from me, I plan to do the best I can, with what I have to work with. . .and hope you will do the same.

I am in deep need of enough financial assistance to provide me with protection and the ability to continue with the HEART of my life's work. Please let your Heart realize how genuine my plea is.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

 P.S. This does NOT mean that I am giving up. It does NOT mean that I will be silent about the atrocities that are happening or the crimes that have been committed against us. It means that I am regrouping and aiming to find other ways to help humanity, because what I've been doing lately, does not seem to be working. . .and even seems to be having the opposite of my desired effect. And with the lack of government and law enforcement help with continued criminal targeting. . .opening and listening to our Hearts more deeply, and being here for each other on deeper levels than ever before, seems the only way to not let the darkness win. Lets Light our Hearts and hold a hand out to each other. Lets unite in the Light or at least hold onto the desire to do so.  Love will win - not by fighting, but by Loving. "Easier said than done" I know. But we can do it. We can.

PLEASE read and share contents of this site:

   Please help pray for the Highest Power to save humanity from the darkness that lurks in the shadows of secret remote microwave, weather modification and mind control Technologies...etc. Please pray for the miracle that will deliver us to the safety and protection that too many of us are already desperately needing as criminals are allowed to continue attacking individuals, families and even whole communities with lethal remote technologies.