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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Beacon for Us. . .

  I feel that I can not be a Beacon right now, because I keep getting torn down and refused chances to climb back on my feet...etc. I am being heavily targeted. . .still even through dark manipulations of those whom I get close to. I am still completely alone with this and have too many forces working against me. BUT perhaps some of my old writings can shine a bit of Light through the clouds and into the Heart of humanity. As I review them I am beginning to understand, more deeply, that many of the words, which came through me (and my obsession with writing about "Healing the Heart of Humanity" since the early 1990s) seem to have come from beyond me - from a source that has far more Wisdom, Love and Insight than I have. Perhaps they will help me as well as you, at this point. I hope so, anyway. I plan to share more soon. Until then. . .here are a couple "Poetography Prints" from my 2004 and 2007 collections. I hope you let them touch your Heart and that of others.

These Poetography Prints are un-matted, acid-free 8x10s 

Please send your mailing address with $16 per print and a list of how many of which ones you want. . .to

Poetic Publications
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

(Price includes shipping)

Your purchases can help me to survive, since I am now back to living in my car without a working heater. . .and your purchases can also help a better version of this Heart Bud publication  to reach the Heart of humanity. . .and perhaps even fill my 2004 dream of creating at least one recovery center, which can help us through these tough times in our troubled world. I hope to soon post more Poetography Prints to chose from. Please check back for them.