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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Please See and Take Action. . .

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P.S. 1-2-12: The "Mind Control" page on my website was altered - the title and search words all jumbled up and some sort of code added to the page. It appears that my computer is again being accessed and that web links to my blog are sometimes being interfered with. PLEASE print out all pertinent scientific data on remote mind control technologies, ASAP. Also please print out this blog for me...in case it is wiped out. Thank you.

Monday, December 24, 2012

If You Look With Your HEART You Will See:

What will come of humankind 
If not allowed a free mind?

I believe that criminal use of Remote Mind Control Technologies is the most dangerous thing humanity now faces, because their criminal use now seems to lurk in the shadows of humanity's most serious problems.

If you Look With Your Heart You Will See
Please print out the following information, read it as soon as possible and help pass the word.


If you Look With Your Heart you will See

I'm feeling sad about my situation. But when I step back and see where this is heading. . .my tears fall for all of humanity. I see how the criminal use of remote microwave technologies - the intrusions into our minds and bodies, is preventing our Soul's growth and our Heart's natural healing process, through the destruction of our free will and mental health.
   I have been trying so hard to help us, although I am barely surviving heavy levels of targeting and the homeless plight it has driven me into. Sometimes I feel angry and sorry for myself. . .and I wonder why I still fight to help those who can not care about me or the plight of humanity. But then. . .in my heart I know that, no matter how cruel and uncaring people are to me, its just because they are not being allowed to care or see. (The ultimate "catch 22")

Dr. Duncan's, "Its too late" echoes in the shadow of our faded Hope. . .but its NOT "too late" - not in the grander scheme of things, at least. It appears to be becoming too late for many Primary Targeted Individuals to get full protection and help in our lifetime, but it is NOT too late for the Heart of humanity to be saved from the darkness that aims to suppress it. The Light will win and humanity will have it's freedom again. I know it will. In my heart I know it - no matter what is projected into our minds, the Light will eventually shine away the darkness.
I found out too late to reach my own family.
But its not too late for the Heart of humanity.
Love will reach into our hearts and set us free.
If you look with yours you will See.

P.S. It appears that the heavy microwave attacks (As well as the sudden voids of them) and alterings of my writings, come at strategic times, in order to prevent me from being believed and perhaps to also prevent me from getting help. I feel like people's Hearts keep passing me by due to unnoticed manipulations. But there is nothing I can do. . .except keep asking for help. . .

I'm being heavily targeted and am now living in an unheated vehicle, in a frigid New Hampshire. I'm in deep need of enough financial assistance to provide me with safety, protection through purchasing technologies that can detect and block microchips and microwave energies...etc. Please help me.

PLEASE pray for the targeting to end. . .because you care about me/us enough to not want us to continue suffering. . .even if you think that proving the targeting makes you look "bad" or "wrong." Please "lead with your Hearts."

Please download and share this new 4 page news paper: 
This paper is a bit out dated. I have been learning a lot since I wrote it.

Look With Your Heart You Will See

Memory of "Hillsborough County Nursing Home" Microwave Targeting in the 1970s

 I witnessed things, in the 1970s, while working as a nursing assistant at the Hillsborough County Nursing Home, which was part of the "County Farm" in Goffstown, NH, at that time. I now believe that the Farm/home residents and workers were victims of the criminal use of remote microwave technologies. My head hurt in strange ways while I worked there. I had not had any problems with head aches prior to working there and they stopped when I left. Also, the residents would go through periods of appearing to be in pain from some unseen source, which baffled many of us.
    This facility housed poor people, who had no families, whom they could turn to, in exchange for working the farm, as well as having a small hospital and a low security prison on the premises. The property still contains and array of underground tunnels and a "Popper's" grave yard. . .where residents were buried in unmarked graves up until just a few years ago.
   I was told that many long term employees have had cancer. But I have not had a chance to check this out. It is difficult for me to do much research due to being held under surveillance and intrusions into my computer and web connections...etc., but here are a few links to prove the history of Remote Microwave Technologies, which exposes it's publicized existence and use, on an unsuspecting people, BEFORE the 1970s.

   I have watched decent people be overtaken by a darkness that defies even spiritual explanations - people who remain completely unaware of this happening to them. I fully believe that they are victims of remote mind control technologies and that this gruesome technological experimentation on unsuspecting individuals and families began in the 1970s.

  My blog and website statements have come primarily from my own personal experiences, insights and instincts.  . .and it appears that more proof is required. I can not prove to you, with my words, that I am not "mentally ill", especially since my whole family remains stuck in this assumption/projection. . .in the shadows of no testing and no opportunity to prove what is happening to ALL of us.
   No Targeted Individual (TI) should have to prove their sanity - the opposite is the only ethical and fair thing to do. We should be believed unless proven wrong by HONEST testing for micro chips, for over doses of microwave energy and brain and cell structure damage...etc.

 Even serious criminals are innocent until found guilty!!!

   As for physical evidence, I can not share much more, because I feel that it will put people in danger of being targeted. . .and that the evidence will be destroyed. . .and too much of this has already happened. 


Friday, December 21, 2012

Please Dig for the FULL Truths Behind Remote Mind Control Technologies. . .And How Long They Have Been in Use

History of Microwave Mind Control Technologies

What will come of humankind
If not allowed a free mind?

Things I've witnessed have proven to me that remote mind control technologies, and microwave weapons, have been being used on us since AT LEAST 1974.
Please Click Here to Support my Cause:

Please download and share this revised 4 page paper: http://www.targetedinamerica.com/TH%2012-15-12.pdf (This paper is outdated, due to my realizing more since I wrote it.)

I beg researchers to reveal it ALL, because not doing so could hurt you as much as the rest of us. I pray for Main Stream Media Reporters to find the heart to give this situation the full and honest exposure that it desperately needs. . .ASAP. Those who are now exposing it seem to be only showing the surface that has already come out. What about the rest of it? What about humanity's future???

Can you feel our tears in your silence?
Can you close in on Truth's growing distance?

Here is a good article on microwave mind control:

This situation is too dangerous to not FULLY expose ASAP. Please find the Heart and courage to do so.

The Most Painful Part of being a Primary Targeted Individual

Though the psychological and physical pain of being gang stalked and electronically tortured is indescribably difficult, the deepest pain of all cut into me on that day when my own daughters tried shoving me into an institution. . .destroying my trust in them, my connection with them and our only link to REAL help through things they had witnessed. (My own sisters and father had been also used to help brainwash them since around 2002. This sort of thing has happened to, and has crushed many of us. How do we get over something like that? I don't think we can. . .not completely. I understand that my daughters, like the rest of my family of origin, are long term victims of remote mind control technologies, and have been literally brainwashed into forgetting pertinent facts, and into joining the drive against me. . .but it hurts no less. This is a pain I can not describe - a pain that runs too deep for me to deal with on top of everything else.
   I have lost my sense or safety and security, the homes I'd owned, my businesses, my jobs, my trust in humanity...etc., but all of those things put together do not compare to the loss of my children and their trust in me. It just hurts too much. It hurts me and it hurts them. . .and I seem to be carrying the pain for all of us. (they needed to be allowed to keep the mom they could trust) Just please. . .

PLEASE become aware so that you
NEVER assume that a TI is "just mentally ill."
We need your help - not your condemnation.
Please let your Hearts help us.

I feel so strongly about this, because I have watched literally my whole family be overcome by brainwashings that have convinced them that I am not really being targeted - that I have just suddenly become mentally ill and that they should not help me financially - the only way in which I can be helped at this point. Their condemnation is so severe and so blatant that any onlooker can see that something is wrong - that no decent family would, on their own, leave a loved one to the wolves and refuse to help them, EVEN IF that loved one were truly mentally ill - that this is severe brain washing - it is full fledged evil Hitler style targeting. . .with mind control technologies. And words can not even begin to describe my suffering, my pain. . .my fight to survive this while facing the full scope of this Technological Holocaust atrocity.

FYI: My family had its fair share of problems, but prior to being heavily targeted, they were decent people, who would follow their Hearts in the face of any sort of emergency. I am completely convinced that the only reason they are not doing this, in this situation, is because they are long term victims of remote mind control technologies and have been completely brainwashed against me and all the Truths that surround this hell I am left to suffer in alone. I cry for them as I cry for me.

P.S. Dear family members of Primary Targeted Individuals: Please help fight for our freedom, even if you think that exposing the targeting makes you look "bad" or "wrong" or "stupid" for not seeing it sooner...etc. Please understand that you are victims as much as we are, just in a different way - your minds are being invaded while our lives are being destroyed. This is not a matter of right or wrong or who saw it first - this is not an ego/pride competition! Its a matter of life or death - the kind of death that comes with losing our free will and freedom to even think and feel the way we naturally need to, in order to grow and thrive and be all that we were meant to be, in order to let our hearts be here for each other in the ways that they were meant to be. This extends far beyond you and us. . .and into ALL of humanity. Please See.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eposure with a Disturbing Result?

   Recent emails I received said: "It all came out on the Monday night show this week..." "... Dr. Robert Duncan - Harvard/ MIT grad - former CIA confessed to it being used on Americans all over the country to Jesse Ventura and he - Jesse Ventura said to him, "so it's true innocent people are being abused by this technology." Duncan replied, "abused is putting it mildly, they are being TORTURED!" I emailed Duncan and just said in subject, "Thank you" he emailed me back and said that means a lot and that he was now seriously ill, vomiting, and in pain. He said he hoped he did not go the way of Bell but he's not afraid of dying..."

Here is a link to that video

    I am glad for this little bit of exposure, although Dunkan says that it is "too late" to stop this atrocity. I am glad that more people are beginning to realize that we are not just crazy - that we are in a SERIOUS Technological Holocaust, which I refuse to believe is too late be stopped. IT MUST BE STOPPED. IT JUST HAS TO BE!
   Tears welled up in my heart when I read that Dr. Duncan is being tortured to the point of being "seriously ill, vomiting, and in pain," because I have been tortured to that point more times than I can now count. This whole targeting situation is just too horribly wrong! Though Duncan should have NEVER taken part in Hitler style mind control and torture programs, not even he deserves to be tortured by them. NOBODY should EVER have to experience any of this hell!!! Nobody! Absolutely nobody.
   Jerry E. Smith had told Jessee Ventura about mind control capabilities YEARS ago - before he died. This is shown in one of Jessee's other videos. I wish we had officials standing up to objectively expose the technologies and what is being done to humanity, especially what is being done to those of us who are being tortured. There is not yet enough clear objective proof. But many have made stands against it. Some of these are General Barrie Trower, Philip Coppens, Tim Rifat, Jerry E. Smith and Jim Keith. A couple of Rifat's articles are at http://www.whale.to/b/rifat.html  and  http://www.whale.to/b/rifat_h.html

The following link is to a 4 page article which focuses primarily on bringing public awareness to the history of remote MindControl Technologies and their use on us since at least the 1970s. Please print and share it. http://www.targetedinamerica.com/thmindcontrol.pd

Please Click Here to Support my Cause:

Please download and share this revised 4 page news paper: http://www.targetedinamerica.com/TH%2012-15-12.pdf

P.S. In between the interference I have been working on the new "Poetography" page for my website.
Here is a song I wrote several years ago. . .but added to today:

Light a Candle

Light a Candle for my brother
Who died one summer day.
Light a Candle for my mother
Who guides and Lights his way.
Light a candle for my daughters,
For the dark that blocked our way.
Light a candle for the future
For the birth of a better day.
Light a candle for my sisters.
Brother and my dad.
Light a candle for the memories
That make us all so sad.
Lets let it out. Lets shed a tear.
Let bring Love into Christmas this year.

They are in my heart still. . .no matter how they have treated me through this hell I still face alone, because I realize that they are also targeted and live a hell of their own that they have just not yet realized. God, please wrap your Love around us all.

P.S. I pray that, if criminal use of the technologies is not quickly stopped. . .those who have the ability to disable the technologies do so asap. I know this is a drastic measure, but it may be the only way that humanity can regain its freedom.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Please Support my Cause

"A paranoid schizophrenic is someone who has figured out what's going on." by Anonymous 

   Please become aware of technologies, which are being used to harm common individuals, families and communities, because this situation is a serious threat to all of humanity. . .not only to Primary Targeted Individuals.

Please Click Here to Support my Cause:

Please print out my website and this blog
The "gang stalking" part of the 8 page version of my "Technological Holocaust" paper had been altered. Its amazing how they can access our computers and/or web forums and make changes to our writings. It seems like the new technologies are made for criminal access. . .and most people are not aware that firewalls...etc., are NOT real protection. I have found this with my phones, usb thingys and digital camera as well. They can alter anything. . .including dates on documents and photos!!! And the pdf files are now being prevented from being printed on a dated internet page. They just change whatever they want to in order to either cover their crimes, discredit us or to possibly give exposure credits to those who will lie for them.

I'm being heavily targeted and am now living in an unheated vehicle, in a frigid New Hampshire. I'm in deep need of enough financial assistance to provide me with safety, protection and the ability to continue my writings - my life's work. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

12-18-12: I was heavily hit with microwaves last night! Seemed like I passed out for around 12 hours! Woke with lot of pain in my head. Street lights, in the parking lot I was in, went out just before it began. Am a bit better now, but gang stalking has also been vamped up! No safe place to go. These criminals are like vultures! They zoom in for the kill as soon as they have us weakened. My inner strength is holding up, but. . .

 P.S. I keep trying to resurrect my poetography into a new web page, but my energy levels are so low right now that its a difficult process. . .not to mention the fact that I do not have the correct equipment and am so darn cold all the time that its difficult to concentrate. I even feel cold with coats on inside restaurants. Not sure why. My health is not so well, still. I feel like I need to win the lottery, in order to survive this much longer and get the protection and help I need. Its a long shot, I know, but I'm still hoping. At this time last year, I could not even imagine surviving another year. Little miracles do happen. Perhaps they will keep on coming to me, even if a big one does not happen. 

12-19-12: I am being closely followed everywhere I go. . .and being hit hard with laser and/or microwave weapons. I find myself wondering about the disaster predictions and if they are more fear tactics or if there will indeed be mass destruction on the 21st. If the mass destruction happens, (no matter when). . .I feel to the core of my heart and soul that it will be man made - that it will be instigated by technologies, which can alter the weather and shoot laser beams into the earth to create earthquakes...etc. 
   As for Revelations: It appears that evil forces already do have control of our world and thus far no one is listening to those of us who are trying to stop it. But. . .

"They shine through dark clouds
In clear tones of blue - 
These glowing rays of Hope
That strive to see us through."

   I am praying for the HEART of humanity to be restored. . .as well as the lives of Targeted Individuals. . .mine included. I pray for us to regain Freedom and Liberty from the darkness that is being allowed free reign. Please help pray for this. 


Friday, December 14, 2012

What is TRUE American Patriotism?

I believe that TRUE Patriotism is the process of honoring EVERY individual's right to "Freedom" and "Liberty". 

    Even REAL criminals do not deserve the cruelty that local covert harassment groups deliver.  PLEASE STOP. Engaging in these crimes while displaying an American flag is JUST TOO WRONG! PLEASE STOP. For the sake of our country if not for us. . .PLEASE STOP.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Can We?

I wrote this poem in the fall of 2006, while living in New York. Even when my mind remained unaware of what is happening to us. . .my pen somehow knew. I now dedicate this poem to Primary Targeted Individuals - those who've openly fought, under unimaginably difficult conditions, to bring public awareness  into a world that appears to have already been oppressed into a deafening blindness.
I am in deep need of enough financial assistance to provide me with protection and the ability to continue with my life's work. I'm now living in an unheated vehicle and am still being targeted. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


Am experiencing some serious targeting games here.

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Poem for Us

   I wrote this poem in the spring of 2007 but needed to read it today. Yesterday I grieved. Last night was too cold. Today was healing. Tomorrow will be whatever fate is dealing. And I'll keep doing my best to "Let each bump in the road become a higher step to take. . ." 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Beacon for Us. . .

  I feel that I can not be a Beacon right now, because I keep getting torn down and refused chances to climb back on my feet...etc. I am being heavily targeted. . .still even through dark manipulations of those whom I get close to. I am still completely alone with this and have too many forces working against me. BUT perhaps some of my old writings can shine a bit of Light through the clouds and into the Heart of humanity. As I review them I am beginning to understand, more deeply, that many of the words, which came through me (and my obsession with writing about "Healing the Heart of Humanity" since the early 1990s) seem to have come from beyond me - from a source that has far more Wisdom, Love and Insight than I have. Perhaps they will help me as well as you, at this point. I hope so, anyway. I plan to share more soon. Until then. . .here are a couple "Poetography Prints" from my 2004 and 2007 collections. I hope you let them touch your Heart and that of others.

These Poetography Prints are un-matted, acid-free 8x10s 

Please send your mailing address with $16 per print and a list of how many of which ones you want. . .to

Poetic Publications
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

(Price includes shipping)

Your purchases can help me to survive, since I am now back to living in my car without a working heater. . .and your purchases can also help a better version of this Heart Bud publication  to reach the Heart of humanity. . .and perhaps even fill my 2004 dream of creating at least one recovery center, which can help us through these tough times in our troubled world. I hope to soon post more Poetography Prints to chose from. Please check back for them.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dear Readers,

   I understand that you are reluctant, at this time, to believe that there exists such a thing as remotely used mind control technologies, microwave weapons, laser weapons and weather modification technologies...etc., which are being used to harm us through the past few decades. I understand your position and am accepting it.
   However, I ask that you work at keeping an open Heart in regards to this situation, because its Truth extends beyond our belief systems and into a devastating reality, which increasing numbers of unaware people are being harmed by. . .and we need your prayers even if you do not believe this is happening.
   My efforts to inform the public have been repeatedly blocked by manipulated disbelief and heavy targeting, which has included altering my writings, threats and attempts to harm me - even attempts to frame me for incarceration or institutionalize...etc., with the use of organized stalking and harassment groups as well as microwave technologies. There still appears to be nothing I can do to free myself from the "Hit List" these criminals have me on.
   I can, however, let go of the angry parts of the fight to expose, what no one seems to even want to believe, and do my best to put most of my focus back into the work I was doing before being distracted by heavy targeting. I'm aiming to do this with the hope that the criminals who target me will find enough decency and courage to just allow fair opposition. . .because they can not win through such manipulations - if people are not allowed Free Will and are not allowed to FREELY listen to their Hearts or FREELY CHOOSE the Light over the dark, nothing is gained by the dark forces. . .in the ultimate end of it all.
   I believe that humanity can NOT be completely oppressed by any dark force, due to the Higher Powers and the laws of the universe. So, I feel that the key for the rest of us is to help bring more Light - more Heart, more Compassion, more Love into our world. . .through healing and opening our own Hearts more deeply and helping others to do the same. This is what the core of my life's work has been about since the early 1990s.

   I feel and fully believe that this is what God/The Highest Power wants us to do - that the unrecognized darkness in our world can also be combatted through bringing more Heart, more Love, more Light into our own Hearts - into our communities. . .into our world. 

   As I aim to continue my life's work, I pray that you will include me in your prayers if you can not support me in any other way. I will need a lot of help. Recovering and protecting myself from further harm, while re-launching my mission, is something I can not do by myself. In fact. . .it appears completely impossible. But. . .
LOVE, alone, can heal

  I believe this and am working at holding onto enough Faith and Courage to eventually succeed with doing my part in the process of healing/restoring the Heart of humanity. Although my own heart now feels inadequate, and my resources have been torn from me, I plan to do the best I can, with what I have to work with. . .and hope you will do the same.

I am in deep need of enough financial assistance to provide me with protection and the ability to continue with the HEART of my life's work. Please let your Heart realize how genuine my plea is.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057
P.S. This does NOT mean that I am giving up.
It does NOT mean that I will be silent about the atrocities that are happening or the crimes that have been committed against us. It means that I am regrouping and aiming to find other ways to help humanity, because what I've been doing lately, does not seem to be working. . .and even seems to be having the opposite of my desired effect. And with the lack of government and law enforcement help with continued criminal targeting. . .opening and listening to our Hearts more deeply, and being here for each other on deeper levels than ever before, seems the only way to not let the darkness win. Lets Light our Hearts and hold a hand out to each other. Lets unite in the Light or at least hold onto the desire to do so.  Love will win - not by fighting, but by Loving. "Easier said than done" I know. But we can do it. We can.

PLEASE read and share contents of this site:

Please help pray for the Highest Power to save humanity from the darkness that lurks in the shadows of secret remote microwave, weather modification and mind control Technologies...etc. Please pray for the miracle that will deliver us to the safety and protection that too many of us are already desperately needing as criminals are allowed to continue attacking individuals, families and even whole communities with lethal remote technologies.