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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rays of Hope and Renewed Faith in Humanity

We are unseen victims lost beneath the lies. 
 We are the tortured ones - put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.
For yourself and all of humanity
Please read and share this site ASAP:

   A few weeks ago, I stumbled into a little Vermont community - a congregation of people who seem to have a deep genuine Faith and enough Heart to be here for each other on levels that sadly appear to be becoming rare in most societies. These people openly embraced me and offered me places to live as they excitedly purchased some of my books...etc. I'd initially pulled away. primarily because I did not want them to be targeted. . .like most people who offer to help or support me have been. 
   However, it now appears that they HAD been targeted, in the week following my initial visit. . .and still are being: Is it a coincidence that two valued and dearly loved members of this congregation suddenly died the week after these people embraced me? Is it a coincidence that others have suddenly fallen and broken their hips and two more deaths have recently followed the first two?  
  They, of course (and understandably so) now seem too overwhelmed with their own losses and mishaps to be able to fully comprehend and understand my situation or what I try to share about the technologies we all seem to be victims of. Some of them are also now showing signs of being unaware victims of the Remote Mind Control Technologies.
   Though I finally accepted a temporary room in one of their homes, I find myself wanting to pull away - wanting to protect them from further targeting - not wanting to add to their distress. They'd need to quickly become fully aware of Remote Technological Targeting, in order to be able to protect themselves as well as me. . .and this appears to be too much for them to handle right now. . .on top of everything else they have been being dealt with. Understandably. The targetors do a good job with lethal distractions. ;-(

   Please help pray for the Highest Power to save humanity from the darkness that lurks in the shadows of secret microwave weapons and  Mind Control Technologies . Please pray for the miracle that will deliver us to safety and protection.

   Though I've been aiming to make like a river and flow around the challenges, which every "Primary Targeted Individual" is faced with, there is only so much I alone can do. . .even when Hope shines into the depths of my heart.
   I need the miracle that can provide me with physical safety and financial support for my writings - possibly also a protected team of Hearts that can help me to do a better job with, and distribute, "The Heart Bud" so that it can reach out and touch Hearts in ways that can help all of us rise above the darkness that is descending upon humanity during this
Technological Holocaust. Please help me pray for this. Thank you.

Though so much is needed
For all of humanity,
I do still need help for me.

Please read this and let your Heart realize how genuine my plea for financial help is. 

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

P.S. Damaging emails are being sent to me through my youngest daughter's email address. . .and I know its not her doing it, although someone obviously wants me to think it is. These criminals alter emails, phone messages and letters to tear family members apart...and had a lot of success before my realization of being targeted by such evil tactics.

11-25-12: This morning I raised my hand in a church to ask for the congregation to help pray for God to protect humanity from microwave energies and mind control technologies that are being used against humanity." I pray for this as often as I can. I beg you to stop assuming that this is not happening. . .and pray for it as well. We need your prayers. We need your help with what is indeed already happening since at least 1974.

Just because you don't realize it doesn't mean its not happening.

Just because you do not see it does not mean its not there.

Please do all that you can to help stop these lethal crimes against humanity.


P.S. Although things may not always be as wonderful as they seem, good can be gained. Naivety can have its advantages. ;-)

I wrote this book around February 2010 as I faced horrifying levels of gang stalking and desperately grasped, in vein, to understand why and by whom. (Into the Light)