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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Heart Bud

This small third edition of The Heart Bud offers basically the same info as the recently revised issue of the "Technological Holocaust", but in a softer approach. I hope it touches your Heart and helps you to become more aware of what is happening in our world. I have tried to make this 8 page Heart Bud universal, so that it can be shared in any country and still apply. I hope it works. Please help distribute it, because I am unable to do much for printing and distribution. If the link stops working you can also find this on www.heartbud.com. I'm sorry I could not do a better job with this, but without being able to use my Quark program and with still living in a car and and being ill and heavily targeted. I wish I could do more. But my hands are pretty much ties, at this point and help does not even look like its on the horizon.


Disbelief Continues to Enable
Lethal Crimes Against Humanity!!!

I feel that secret remote mind control technologies are the most dangerous threat humanity has ever been faced with. . .and are the root cause of MANY global and local problems. This Truly needs to be investigated ASAP.  Please download this and spread the word. I hear that there are technologies, which can detect the condensed radio waves and microwave energies that humanity is being harmed with. Put those into uncontrolled hands, (at times when the criminals are not watching and stopping attacks,) and see what you find!!! I dare you.

 I am in desperate need of financial assistance for my own protection and safety as I try to bring public awareness to this holocaust. My situation is now at a critical point. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

(Please let me know if you donate, so we can know if it is interfered with.) 

   FYI: Due to my situation with being stalked by organized stalking groups who have zoomed in to offer unsafe places to live...etc., Monetary help is really the only type of help I can comfortably accept at this point in time. I do understand that this is the most difficult type of help to give. But I am still hoping that someone who has both the Heart and the resources finds me worthy of being helped. Those who can't financially help me, but want to can periodically buy $2 or $1 lottery tickets for me or send a small amount weekly or take up collections from others. Though I need a lot to get me out of this situation and protect me from further harm, little bits of help can keep me hanging on and sort of surviving.

Attention: My emails, writings…etc., may still be altered by organized stalking groups on web or elsewhere. It appears that some of my snail mail letters may have been swapped while in transit. (not to mention the fabricated stuff that may have been sent to make people think it is from me!!!) Please let me know if you notice anything unusual, instead of letting their manipulations work with turning you against me. (Not that there hasn't already been too much success with this and that I am realizing their tactics too late!)
    FYI: I watched an email from John Hall change content RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES yesterday! I never fully read its content. I'd sent him the new news paper and his reply started out saying, "yes, anything to...." and then it flipped to a generic auto-reply type of message! The criminals continue preventing me from connecting with GENUINE Targeted Individuals. . .and probably also prevent them from getting my authentic emails and news papers. It seems like technology is set up to support criminal intrusions. Cell phones can also be accessed. Some of my photographs (the ones that were evidence) have been deleted seemingly without anyone having physical access to my phone. And as I've mentioned before, the dates and times have been changed in my digital camera, cell phone and laptop.
   It appears that the criminals are also hiding in our churches...etc. I've run into some seriously dark churches. This concerns me because those who attend probably do not even realize how far astray they are being lead.   

My Targeted in America website seems to be being blocked much of the time. . .perhaps more now, because the stats stopped working in July, which I'm sure is no coincidence.

9/8/12: Was heavily stalked late yesterday! Papers I'd had printed, along with the original copies, were stolen from my car in just a few minutes of going into a gas station restroom! Someone does not want this paper to reach the public. Actually the stalking became heavy as I tried passing one to a Homeland Security Department.  I pray that a HEART can help me to not let these criminals win.