My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Something Brewing?

Something appears to be brewing since I began revising the Technological Holocaust Paper: I have been blocked from an account I opened on https://planet.infowars.com. So, please know that it is not me who has control of what may be written there.
   Also: I am getting a lot of web interference with printing out my blog and with my blog being accessed although I keep changing the password. The web stalkers, who pretend to be Targeted Individuals, are convincing genuine Targeted Individuals that they need to stop using the term, "Targeted Individual" and I am concerned that this is to prevent them from be found and prevent their cases from being investigated. 
   My daughter's email addresses have been wiped out of my primary email account, which is connected to this blog. 
   I keep getting messages from the stalkers in regards to my daughters. I have completely lost touch with both of them and pray that this has slowed down the targeting on them. FYI: both of my daughters are victims of targeting, but do not realize it due to the mind control - brainwashing part. All of our lives have been seriously effected by these crimes. . .no matter what sorts of masks or brainwashing have tried to cover it up. Their Hearts know what their minds don't. . .and someday, that knowing will re-surface. I am sure of this, because they are good people who are being forced to go against their own will.

They love me as much as I love them 
And their Hearts will surface again.
I'm sure of it.

   I just had a dream, which warned that I may soon be forced into a jail or institution...etc. It appears that another series of manipulations are in the works and I am not sure exactly how or if it will play out, but time will tell. (Sometimes things change after I post them here. . .and some dreams are inflicted by the mind control technologies.)  Either way, I pray that those who are being manipulated against me remember to call in the Light and listen to only their own Hearts.
   It appears that the criminals who are secretly and successfully performing remote mind control on us, FOR DECADES NOW, may be aiming to finish crushing me, (possibly through a framing for a crime or a false diagnosis) as they have been doing to witnesses of their atrocities, through the past several decades.

 I pray that if they do this to me
It  will help the rest of humanity
To finally SEE this atrocity.
And set the world free.

   It has reached a point where the chain of psychological and physical deaths are becoming proof of these crimes! And those who have a Heart will eventually SEE even if they can't now. Love is stronger than hate. Love will win and the Light will shine again. It will. This belief is my consolation.

I also pray for the lethal technologies to be COMPLETELY disabled IF honest law enforcement does not quickly prevent criminals from using them to harm humanity.

Please help pray for these things.


P.S. I will continue postings on this blog at least once a week or so, just to let you know I am OK. Remember the precognitive dreams I'd shared about "being quarantined" and/or held in a place by armed forces and the "giant black cloud coming over us" and "with the geese" and "9-09"...etc. Some may have already happened, but others are yet to come and probably soon if nothing is done to stop this holocaust. Though these criminals discredited me and my dreams, the Truth remains the same.