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Friday, September 14, 2012

Love Remains

Love Remains

They clawed me and cut me and left me to die
On streets where vultures don't care how I cry.

Their mirrors now reflecting such "loving" masks
That removing them appears to be an impossible task.

I search my soul praying, "What did I do wrong?"
And write my own sorrows into unheard songs.

Countless tears I've shed for all of our pain!
YEARS still being lost for darkness to gain!

But Love remains.

 I am in desperate need of financial assistance for my own protection and safety.
My situation is now at a critical point. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

(Please let me know if you donate, so we can know if it is interfered with.) 

   FYI: Due to my situation with being stalked by organized stalking groups who have zoomed in to offer unsafe places to live...etc., Monetary help is really the only type of help I can comfortably accept at this point in time. I do understand that this is the most difficult type of help to give. But I am still hoping that someone who has both the Heart and the resources finds me worthy of being helped. Those who can't financially help me, but want to can periodically buy $2 or $1 lottery tickets for me or send a small amount weekly or take up collections from others. Though I need a lot to get me out of this situation and protect me from further harm, little bits of help can keep me hanging on and sort of surviving.
P.S. The offers I've refused are NOT a reflection of  "refusing help" in general. I just can not live with anyone who has been or may be (knowingly or unknowingly) taking part in the abuses I'm still fighting to survive. I must protect my sanity - my life. Financial help is the kind of help I need.